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A successful offense is predicated on having a solid offensive line making the holes for the running back or blocking for the quarterback. At 6-foot-6 and 330 pounds, Kalon Davis is a mammoth lineman that can do both.

Kalon Davis (Chester, SC) is a player that definitely stands out in the crowd, not only on the field, but also in the classroom. At 6-foot-6 330 pounds, Davis was noticed very early on in his high school career. Now Davis has collected scholarship offers from some of the biggest programs in the nation.

After leading his team to the state championship game in South Carolina, Davis, a three-star prospect and the 27th-ranked guard in the country by, has turned his focus to recruiting. Davis, from Chester Senior High School, currently has offers from a number of programs including North Carolina State, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, Clemson, Penn State, South Florida and Wake Forest.

Davis has plans to graduate early next year, therefore he currently has leaders. His three leaders are Alabama, Tennessee, and Clemson.

Davis had this to say about his three favorites. "Clemson was one of the first schools that have been around a lot since I first came to high school. They have always shown a lot of interest in me and want me to be a part of it."

"Alabama is my father's hometown," Davis said. "So really I grew up watching college football that was the team I usually watched. For football that is pretty much my hometown."

"Tennessee, I have a history with them. They are the one team that I always thought had a great history of football and they produce great athletes."

As far as the interest that the Badgers have shown the big offensive lineman from South Carolina, Davis said, "They sent a coach down to see me and talked to me and gave me an offer."

Davis did know a little about the Badgers that he liked, but would need to find out more. "They have a reputation of having a good offensive line and running the ball a lot. I would want to learn more about their program, the facilities, and the depth chart."

Davis has taken care of business in the classroom, as well. and has the opportunity to graduate in December. Therefore he knows what he wants in a program. "Academics and then I would like to see which direction a football team is going in," Davis explained. "Is it going to be successful or is it declining? Also what is my chance of playing when I first get to the school?"

As far as location goes, it won't be a factor in his recruitment, as he is getting interest from around the country.

Since Davis will most likely graduate early, he needs to make a decision earlier than most. Davis said he would like the make it, "Near the end of the summer or middle of next football season."

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