Operation Scholarship

Sitting with no scholarship offers on his table, Oshkosh West quarterback Trey Demler decided early that his summer vacation was going to be anything but. With nine camps and visits on his schedule, Demler is grinding through in hopes of raising his stock.

MADISON – Although he lead the state of Wisconsin in passing yards after the 2008 season, Oshkosh West junior quarterback Trey Demler didn't have any scholarships to chose from.

With skills and stats (3,051 passing yards and 19 touchdowns) that show his talent, Demler decided to take his show on the road, bringing his above average arm strength and accuracy to college campuses across the Midwest.

Already doing camps at Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, three days at Wisconsin, North Dakota State and visiting North Dakota, Demler's college tour is far from complete, as he will travel to Indiana and Western Michigan this week and Illinois State and Northwestern in July.

"It's a lot harder than I thought it would be," Demler told Badger Nation. "I still get excited for camps and before everything, I was really excited, but it's definitely taken a toll both physically and mentally. I am always going somewhere else. I've pulled my arm, tweaked my hamstring and have some bumps. I am still planning on going everywhere though. I don't want to look back in a couple years and look back and regret not going somewhere. I want to have all the opportunities that I have."

With nine scheduled stops and fresh off a grueling baseball season, Demler, despite six a.m. workouts and lifting weights after games, isn't kidding himself when he heads for an all-important workout that he is going to have his best performance every time.

"Not every school is getting the best and I tell them that I am a little sore and that I have done a bunch of camps," he said. "I just try to be honest and grind it out. I don't want to go somewhere, not tell them and perform bad."

Fortunately for him, one school that got a great look was Wisconsin. Having attended UW's spring game and chatting with Paul Chryst after the offensive coordinator traveled to Oshkosh to watch him workout, Demler attended UW's first summer high school and got good reviews.

"The camp could not have gone any better as far as what I did and how I got treated," Demler said. "It was awesome, and my test outs, my throwing was as good as I could have done and all I could have asked for. I got a lot of good feedback from Coach Chryst. It's always been a dream for me to play there."

After a quick rest stop at home, Demler headed west to North Dakota, visiting the campus of North Dakota and attending a camp at North Dakota State. After two solid experiences, Demler finally had some good news to share.

"North Dakota offered me and North Dakota State told me that they are very interested," he said. "I'll find out really soon if I'll be getting an offer from them. I don't want to say it's something to fall back on, but it's something I am excited about. It's exciting to get that first one, because a lot of people are counting on me and I don't want to let people down. It makes everything worth it."

With one under his belt, Demler's goal now is to get on a scholarship role – hoping to see his tenacious camp and visit schedule generate enough interest to see his scholarship list increase tenfold.

"That would be the ultimate goal," he said. "I have talked to people and they tell them that the biggest schools usually aren't the first one to offer you. I am hoping that this North Dakota one will lead to a couple other ones and I hope schools will see that."

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