Terry Hauling in Offers

With a three-star wide receiver opposite him on the football field, Alpharetta (GA.) wide receiver Brandon Terry has seen more passes, and scholarships, thrown his way. Having well over a dozen offers, Terry has an early favorite.

MADISON - Although overlooked and overshadowed by his talented teammate, Brandon Terry views the situation as a blessing, not a hindrance.

While opposing defenses of Alpharetta (GA.) High School will focus on the talented wide receiver Michael Bennett, a three-star commit to the University of Georgia, defenses make the tough decision to leave Terry in single coverage, a matchup the 6-foot-6, 195-pound prospect thrives on.

"It's just great, because most teams focus on (Bennett), which leaves me with one-on-ones a lot and makes me open a lot more," Terry told Badger Nation. "He's been a big help to me in many ways."

One of the big ways is in Terry's recruitment, as schools coming to look at Bennett get a pleasant surprise when they see Terry's attributes. Recording 20 receptions for 440 yards and four touchdowns, Terry has grabbed 14 offers, the biggest ones coming from Central Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Mississippi State, Purdue and Wisconsin, which is his early favorite.

"Out of all the schools that have offered me, they (Wisconsin) are my number one choice," Terry said. "I don't know much about them, but I know that they were pretty good last year.

"I have family up in Michigan, which isn't too far away," Terry added. "I would be able to be close to them. Wisconsin is the best that has offered me. The coaches have a lot of mettle and make me feel comfortable. They make me feel like I will be a good part of the team and fit in real well."

Having already camped at Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, Terry has been lauded for his ball skills, being able to catch the ball at its apex, use his body to shield defenders and catching the ball away from his body. From Terry's point of view, he still has work to do to get his big frame in receiving shape.

"I have good open-field speed to get off the press coverage, but what I need to work on is getting low in and out of my cuts," Terry said. "Because I am so tall, I have to work on staying low so I can explode out of my cuts. I have been working on that on the side, but I do well just going and getting the ball."

While most kids are starting to make their college choices now during camp season or before fall football starts, Terry wants to see more schools and experience different atmospheres before making his choice.

"I want to check out a few schools and maybe see a few games so I can get a feel for what it is like there," Terry said. "I want to see all the coaches face to face, and I would like to do that before I commit. I will probably make a decision mid-season."

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