Young Still Solid But Will Take More Visits

Albert Young enjoyed a visit with Offensive Coordinator Brian White last night, and there is a buzz around his school about Coach Barry Alvarez making a trip to see him next Tuesday. But Young will take at least one more visit before Signing Day, when he pledges he will be a Badger.

Albert Young said Tuesday night not to worry about his visit to Iowa this weekend. Much like he promised Wisconsin he's going to be a Badger, he promised Iowa he'd at least check the campus out.

"It's just basically, `I told somebody I was going to take a visit, and I'm going to stick to my word," Young said. "But I'm going to be a Badger. I gave them my commitment. I'm solid, but I'm going to give Iowa a look."

Young said he might cut off his visits at three (he's already taken trips to Wisconsin and Rutgers), but he might also take trips to Miami and Boston College following this weekend.

"You only go through this process once. I'm going to enjoy it," Young said. "It got real stressful there for a while, but I got that all out of the way. I'm sure Iowa thinks they can still get me, but I'm just going to enjoy it."

Iowa isn't the only school that thinks it can steal Young. Today, Boston College and Tulane stopped by his school.

Young said Boston College has regularly visited him, but Tulane was a bit of a shock.

"I've never even heard from Tulane," Young said. "It was the second time I've ever talked to them. They came once before, but it was nothing serious. If I (visit) there, it would strictly be for a good time. Even they said, `We know you're going to Wisconsin. But if you want to check us out, that's alright."

The Wisconsin coaching staff isn't standing by idly while opposing teams try to steal one of its top recruits.

Offensive Coordinator Brian White spent Monday night with Young and his family.

"It was a good time. We took him out to dinner," Young said.

But there has been a real buzz around Moorestown High School about who's coming next Tuesday -- Coach Barry Alvarez.

"It seems like the whole school knows. Everybody is asking me about it, and I'm like, `How did you all find out?" Young said. "There's somebody that's helping me out with recruiting, and Coach White and I went over to his place (Monday) night. He's got a pretty nice place, so (Alvarez and I) will probably go over to that guy's house and have some food and let everybody ask some questions."

While his trip to Iowa will certainly create chatter about Young's intentions, he's not concerned about what people might think. When Young was on his official visit, he took an entire roll of film wearing the full Wisconsin uniform. And Young is excited to send Badger Nation updated pictures in the mail to include in its upcoming recruiting special.

"That one you guys have on the Internet, I look like a little kid," Young joked.

Young is still excited to be a Badger, and even Iowa, Miami, Boston College and Tulane know they're fighting a nearly impossible battle.

But until a fax comes in from Young's high school on Signing Day, Badger fans will surely remain restless.

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