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Despite receiving heavy interest from top programs all throughout the country, Milwaukee Marquette safety Michael Trotter saw no place that compared to the University of Wisconsin. After making his decision Sunday morning, Trotter talks to Badger Nation Sunday afternoon.

Badger Nation: You went to a lot of camps with your brother this summer and you particularly got a lot of attention, especially at camps at Maryland and Vanderbilt. Despite all your adventures, was Wisconsin always the school to beat?

Michael Trotter: When I got the offer, I was definitely excited about it. I had a good camp and I felt good about it, even though I thought I could have done a little better. After the camp, however, my coach told me to call Coach Bostad from Wisconsin and when I did, they told me I had a scholarship offer. I was really excited and a few days later, I was offered by Indiana. A lot of school followed, but I really liked Wisconsin and wanted to commit a week ago. I just felt that it was a beautiful campus, a great tradition and I can really see myself playing there.

Badger Nation: When did the decision finally come into mind for you? You said you wanted to make it a week ago, but when did you ultimately decide?

Trotter: I even wanted to make the decision three weeks ago. It's been a long time that I knew that I wanted to make it. I was really thinking about, and I talked to my dad about it the other day that I was thinking about committing. He said that it was a great idea and he was excited. Wisconsin was where I wanted to be and I wanted to be a Badger. I went out to east with the family after church this morning and that's when it really hit me. I called the coaches and made it official.

Badger Nation: How important was your relationship with Coach Bostad during the process and in you making your decision on Wisconsin?

Trotter: It was very important. I want to be around coaches that I like to be around and get along with. The coaches are the one that make the program. I love all the defensive coaches, and Coach Bostad loved me. I like everything about him and we talk quite a bit. He always told me how he impressed me. The defensive coaches are serious, but they are always around if you need to talk to them.

Badger Nation: It was a goal for you and your brother Marcus wanted to play college football together. With Marcus still waiting for his UW offer, was he still pretty excited for you?

Trotter: Yeah, of course. He is really excited about it. Going into this recruiting thing, we wanted to try and play together at the same school, but we knew that it might not happen. There is still a possibility, and I know schools are really looking hard at him. I am pretty sure Marcus is going to get some good offers and show people his abilities this season.

Badger Nation: For those people that haven't seen you play, what kind of player are you and what kind of skills are you bringing to Wisconsin that is going to make its secondary better?

Trotter: Well, I think I am a good tackler. I think I have that instinct on the line of scrimmage to make a play. The big thing for me is that I have to get better as an athlete. I've been working on a lot of things like hitting, covering receivers … A lot of people who haven't seen my film want to know what kind of player I am. I am a player that is going to come up and make a tackle. I am more of a hitting safety than a cover safety, but I am going to show people that I can cover people playing safety, too. I can do a little bit of both.

Trotter chose Wisconsin over scholarship offers from Central Michigan, Illinois State, Indiana, Northern Iowa, North Dakota and Western Michigan and interest from Akron, Arkansas, Colorado, Duke, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Northern Illinois, Purdue, UCLA, and Vanderbilt to name a few.

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