Q&A with Booker Stanley

Wisconsin running back Booker Stanley talks about his redshirt season and looks forward to 2003.

BN: Do you still feel like you made the right decision to redshirt the 2002 season?

Stanley: Yeah, it turned out well. (Anthony Davis) and Dwayne (Smith) did well this year and there was no need for another back.

BN: Did you feel like you had a chance to show the coaching staff what you can do in scout team and the reps you had at the end of practices in bowl preparation?

Stanley: Yeah, I did. They have been really impressed too. I'm working towards next year. I'm hoping to get a shot.

BN: With such few opportunities to prove yourself in practice, did you have the feeling out there that you had to prove yourself every time the coaches' eyes were on you?

Stanley: Oh yeah. Even in nine-on-nine, we go against the D, and we're running the ball instead of passing. That's where I'm getting reps. Every rep, I go really hard to show them my ability and show them that I can play.

BN: What are some of the things you will focus on accomplishing this offseason?

Stanley: I'd like to put on five pounds and get a little bit faster and stronger.

With AD and Dwayne both coming back, what type of role are you hoping for yourself next season? Do you have a feeling you can step in and get some reps?

Stanley: Hopefully. Right now I really don't know. I'm just waiting for spring ball. Hopefully I'll have a successful spring ball, and when the season comes up, we'll see where I am.

BN: With so many talented running backs in the program, do you foresee any position changes for yourself or anybody else in the running backs corps over the next couple of years?

Stanley: I really don't know. I'm (set) on running back, and nobody has (talked to me about that).

BN: Last year, going into the season everyone thought this offense would be one of the best in the Big Ten, if not the country. That didn't turn out to be the case. Do you think this season will be the one where everything falls into place?

Stanley: In a way I do. But we have three or four linemen departing so I really can't say. It starts up front with those guys. So with the absence of Al (Johnson), Ben (Johnson), (Jason) Jowers, I really can't say. Hopefully we can bounce back and have a good line like we had this year.

BN: Having spent most of the year on the scout team, name one young player that's really stood out to you? A guy that's kind of in your position, that the fans might not know about, trying to prove themselves on the scout team to try to get an opportunity next season?

Stanley: Phillip Fuller tore his ACL in high school and you can really see him improving as the year has gone on. He's doing a really good job. I would say Phillip…he hasn't made a full recovery yet. He still holds back a little bit, but sometimes he goes full-speed and you can see (his talent).

BN: Did this year go as you expected heading in, or were there some surprises in your freshman year?

Stanley: Nothing really surprised me. Being a redshirt surprised me the most. So I will enjoy stepping in next year.

BN: Was the hardest part of redshirting having to watch from the sidelines on Saturday afternoons?

Stanley: In a way it was, but I know that next year I will have a better shot at playing because I've been through that redshirt year. This year, they were saying you can redshirt, and then have four years of playing. But you know, next year I will have to play more. I'm looking forward to it.

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