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Recruiting analysts Jordan Goetzke and Allen Trieu join Badger Nation publisher Benjamin Worgull and subscribers to discuss Wisconsin recruits, Badger targets and deliver the inside information straight from the sources.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStickGood evening all and let's get started. I am Benjamin Worgull, publisher of Badger Nation, and I am joined by Midwest Recruiting Analyst Allen Trieu and Badger Nation recruiting analyst Jordan Goetzke.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStickEvening gents

trieuprospects Evening!

trieuprospectsfire away

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStickLet's start with the big news of the week - Cincinnati tight end Alex Smith, who was on campus early last week on an unofficial visit after being driven up to Madison by Jeff Duckworth's mother. Duckworth, a 2009 verbal commit to Wisconsin, is good friends with Smith

trieuprospects yeah, and I spoke to Alex down in Orlando just over a week ago and he likes Wisconsin

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStickDave Berk on Smith, who is a soft verbal to Cincinnati: "Alex made is UC pledge in Feb. At that time the tight end coach was Mike Elston, right after his pledge Elston was moved to DL and Smith was not happy with the fact it looked like he'd be coached by the OL and WR coach and not a TE coach. UC did hire a new TE coach but didn't do so until June. So for a few months Alex didn't see UC taking the TE position as one they really cared about."

The5thQuarter Basically, he has said that he has opened up his recruitment from his commitment to Cincinnati. He has a final six that he is considering, which is LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Cincinnati, UW and Michigan

kingkeggel And if we don't get him what are the chances on Sherard Cadogan? trieuprospects Wisconsin is in the mix for Cadogan, but I would say there is a much better shot with Smith

The5thQuarter I think we have a great shot. His main point in the short conversation with me was that he loved the coaches and the way they used the tight ends.

trieuprospects Cadogan, I think likes Pitt and MSU a little better

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStickCadogan is interesting. Goes to the same school as 2010 UW verbal commit Joe Brennen

The5thQuarter he liked Madison more than his other visits as well

trieuprospects Cadogan needs to get up to Madison before we really know

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Joe Brennen on Cadogan: "It would be cool for me and him to play on the same college team. Him and I are good friends, so it would be awesome. It's his decision in the end, but I'll definitely plant the idea with him."

kingkeggel That mike from huber heights, does he have a timeline?

The5thQuarter yes

The5thQuarter he is going to decide before the season he said yesterday

The5thQuarter and he has not received the offers that he thought he might get from MSU and Vandy

trieuprospects Josh Harrison is his name too

The5thQuarter I think it is all Wisconsin for Harrison...if he has a true offer, which I think he does, then he could be our next commitment

kingkeggel The Talbott brothers look like they are going to Michigan

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Harrison is good friends with the Talbott brothers. They grew up together and all got their first football scholarship offer from Wisconsin.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Allen, what do you know about Team Talbott?

The5thQuarter Yes, it does look like they are leaning towards Michigan from what I have seen

trieuprospects that one is interesting, because I do think the Talbotts like Michigan

trieuprospects however, I've heard conflicting things about whether or not they have committable offers

trieuprospects Terrence recently said he was down to Wisconsin and Michigan

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Harrison has offers from Ball State, Toledo and Wisconsin

trieuprospects Michigan is in on a lot of other DBs, so if one of them commits soon, like a few of them might, I think Terrence will end up a Badger

kingkeggel I thought they were a package deal

trieuprospects well, yeah

kingkeggel so would that mean we get terry too?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick It will be interesting to see if Terrence and Terry make their decision together and if they wind up going to the same school

trieuprospects then in that case they both would go to UW

The5thQuarter honestly package deals rarely work out in recruiting for some reason

trieuprospects with brothers though, it is different

The5thQuarter however, since they are brothers then I would have to think they would have the greatest chance to actual do it

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick It was originally thought that William Gholston and Jonathan Hankins were going to be a package deal, but that doesn't look like it's going to be the case

trieuprospects well, with that, it is because MSU has not offered Hankins, so we will see what happens there

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Gholston has already committed to Michigan State and Hankins is down to Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio State, I believe

The5thQuarter yep

kingkeggel and what about Kevin Johnson

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I talked to Kevin today. He's back from Costa Rica. He went on a trip with his parents. Reports that it was 'sweet'

kingkeggel I'm sure it was

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick We should expect a decision within the next week

The5thQuarter Here is a little tidbit that I am working on right now. Some think we are out of it for McCay, however, I have had recent texts with him and he is calling me in a few minutes and we are definitely still in the conversation

kingkeggel That is great news. That kid is an animal

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Allen watched McCay a couple weeks ago in Florida. Allen, is McCay as good as people say he is? Can be a difference maker on defense right away?

kingkeggel He has amazing speed

trieuprospects He played WR at the Orlando event, so i didn't get to see him play LB. He is big and fast though. He actually wants to play WR in college he told me

kingkeggel We are recruiting him as WR I think

trieuprospects He told me Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida were his schools down there. He never mentioned Wisconsin.

kingkeggel In every conversation he has he changes his top schools. He likes the spread offense though

trieuprospects He told the same thing to Jason Higdon from the Florida site. He told me that it's really Florida and Oklahoma. From what I hear, Florida may be backing off him, so I bet he ends up at OU

kingkeggel Yeah that's what I thought to, but you never know.

The5thQuarter I asked him specifically if Wisconsin was in his final schools and he said ‘yes,' so I am not sure if he is just giving me a line

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I don't think he'll end up at Wisconsin, but it's nice to see a top player has UW in the top five (or near that) of his list

trieuprospects A quick update on Jon Hankins, too. I just talked to someone close to him. He was at Ohio State today (Tuesday), but did not make any decision kingkeggel Yeah I think that he is OU but I agree (that) a ‘Name' prospect that likes UW.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Ohio State is the team to beat for Hankins

The5thQuarter I recently emailed him and am waiting, not sure if he will respond or not

trieuprospects That's another offer that I've heard is questionable. I believe Hankins is on an OSU "watch list"

The5thQuarter reminds me of the Ryan Reynolds situation with Wisconsin. Relationship with a coach, so he keeps them close

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick How does everyone think UW's class is shaping up so far?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick UW has 12 verbals, seven from the Badger state. Five players are ranked three stars or higher - Zagzebski, Gilbert, Tamakloe, Brennen and Herring.

kingkeggel I love how the defense is looking. The safeties and backers especially

The5thQuarter I actually like it a lot. The state of Wisconsin's class is pretty deep this year and has some solid players. Tamakloe and Ontko are probably my favorite players in the class so far.

trieuprospects A lot of underrated guys; guys who will move up in our next rankings

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I think Ontko is the guy that will make the biggest move

kingkeggel Marquis Mason is very intriguing

trieuprospects Yeah, I really like Mason

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Honestly, I don't see one player that I don't like on this list. All these recruits are three or four star quality player

s The5thQuarter I wish Jeff Lewis would have gotten that offer from Cal, that would have helped his stock.

trieuprospects Jeff Lewis should see a good bump. I mean, he's not rated now, but he'll be 3-stars, I think.

The5thQuarter According to the Ohio guy, Byers is just like Borland, but he actually likes Byers better

trieuprospects Mason should go up to three-star player, too

kingkeggel Yeah, Mason could be real good

The5thQuarter What do you think about Brennan only being the #32 and 3 star as the top QB in NJ?

trieuprospects I can't speak too much for how guys ranked in the East, but I know that quarterbacks are pretty deep this year. So 32 is not as low as it sounds

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick It'll be interesting to see if Wisconsin takes another running back

trieuprospects We also don't have video on him, which is likely affecting his rating

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Matt Alkire, one of Scout's many analyst, has been working on getting film from Brennen's coach for quite sometime

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I've talked to couple RB recruits that are still highly interested in UW. Stories on them coming this week

The5thQuarter I think they only take another if a higher ranked player comes in

The5thQuarter Do you think they will ever reclassify Zagzebski to a DE?

trieuprospects Wes, we will probably move Zagzebski over on the 15th, when we redo rankings

The5thQuarter Another commit you might see sooner than later is Kyle French, the kicker from Wisconsin

The5thQuarter Some thought Austin Kirpes might commit, however, he hasn't had much contact with Wisconsin the last few weeks

kingkeggel Why did we pull our scholarship from Chance Carter?

The5thQuarter His spot may have filled up in the class already. We got a commit from Zagzebski

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I agree on Kirpes, I think UW has targeted some bigger players at that position.

The5thQuarter and now we have one from Herring

trieuprospects I've heard very mixed reviews on Carter too

The5thQuarter He was kinda slow playing everyone and may have lost his spot at a number of schools.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I haven't talked to Chance since May. He told me that someone else committed before him and that his offer was pulled.

trieuprospects He hasn't talked to anyone in awhile

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick At the time, the only one committed was Zags kingkeggel Zagzebski?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Of course, UW was only working with approximately 14 scholarships in early May.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Now, UW looks to have around 20 for this class

trieuprospects Hey guys, I have to run, but it was good chatting with you. I'll be back next week along with other regional analysts who can fill in on some of the players outside my region. As always, feel free to e-mail me or PM me any questions.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Always a pleasure Allen. Thanks for stopping by

The5thQuarter Thanks

kingkeggel Thanks

trieuprospects Yep, lets make this a habit!

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Every Tuesday, we'll be here

The5thQuarter Jermaine Barton is an interesting player

kingkeggel he has family there

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick We were one of the first people to talk to Barton. He didn't know too much about Wisconsin, but he wants to come up for a game

The5thQuarter We are his best offer thus far, so hopefully Conor (O'Neill) and Dezman (Southward) can work a little magic if a few of those guys make the trip.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Although Barton's offer list is small now, with his other offers coming from Connecticut, Florida International and Purdue, Barton has been talking to coaches from Arkansas, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Miami and, his childhood favorite, Florida, who is his favorite school right now.

kingkeggel Cooks hasn't had much luck in Texas. Bagley went to UTEP over UW. That's interesting to me

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Cooks hasn't had much success there the past two years

kingkeggel Jay Valai is from Texas though right?

The5thQuarter Yes, and Bagley never got his offer

kingkeggel Oh he didn't?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Devin Smith could be pretty good in UW's nickel package this year.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He'll be battling with Marcus Cromartie and Antonio Fenelus for playing time

The5thQuarter Darious Thomas and Shelton Johnson are also from TX that Cooks has recruited at DB.

kingkeggel Demar Dorsey? His brother, Kevin Claxton, goes to Wisconsin. How long does this go on?

The5thQuarter I don't think Dorsey is going anywhere

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He's going to take officials to Tennessee, USC, West Virginia, and Florida.

The5thQuarter I think he will end up at Florida in the end

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He's made no mention of Wisconsin over the past couple of months.

The5thQuarter if Wisconsin can get some of these recruits on campus then we might have a shot. We have a very good commit rate with a visit

kingkeggel The Talbott brothers, or at least one of them, thought that the Michigan campus was a step above the Wisconsin

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I believe that was Terrence who said that

The5thQuarter but like Allen said, he might not have an offer for long if Michigan fills up. And if Harrison commits, that is even more incentive for Wisconsin for the brothers.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Wisconsin is pretty high on Kevin Johnson to fill the cornerback spot.

kingkeggel What is Wisconsin still recruiting, position wise?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick him and Penial Jean from Palm beach Central seem to be the two top targets.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Wide receiver, looking for two to three linebackers total

kingkeggel Yeah if we lose out on Johnson but still get the three from Huber Heights, I'll take that trade

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick This isn't a great class for offensive linemen, but there are a couple good tackles out there in Barton, Skyler Schofner and Robby Havenstein

The5thQuarter I think they will always have spots for Ching, Allen, and McCay if they want to come.

kingkeggel Eggen and Epping - we didn't offer either of them

The5thQuarter that is why I think Barton could fill one of the later spots if he takes a visit.

kingkeggel Rob Havenstein seemed very impressed with Wisconsin

The5thQuarter Robby loves the tradition of Wisconsin linemen, however, he might be tough to pull from the East Coast. It is good that he has visited as well

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Talking to Epping after the camp he blew off, he said that Wisconsin wasn't as intriguing to him at the U.

The5thQuarter Brewster is a good salesman, however, he doesn't have a commit from Wisconsin that had a UW offer. The only one we haven't gotten so far is Hardy

kingkeggel At least we got Zagzebski back though. As long as we lock down the instaters, we will continually have a foundation for our recruiting classes

kingkeggel Where are Vander and Cam at?

The5thQuarter in the end I think vander will be at UW

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I posted a story last night about Vander. According to his mother and grandfather, Vander isn't doing interviews at this time

kingkeggel That's understandable

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick However, talking to the grandfather, Vander is focusing on his grades and the ACT exam before starting to take visits, which I've heard are going to be Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, UCLA and one more

kingkeggel grades first - mothers knows that

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Cam said he was going to make his decision before his senior year starts.

The5thQuarter Honestly sounds like he is taking visits to take visits

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Our basketball recruiting analyst, Michael Langlois, has been talking to him the most

kingkeggel We found cam and it seems like we are his top choice

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I would agree. He's going through all his options, just like all the other kids. We haven't heard much basketball recruiting news in awhile. UW has one opening for 2010, and three for 2011

The5thQuarter Couple highly rated kids in WI for 2011

kingkeggel Is that Darnell Harris?

The5thQuarter and Darrell Longstreet

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick UW coach Howard Moore has been watching both of those guys, especially Longstreet, who was in Madison for UW's summer team camp.

The5thQuarter I like the offer to Zach Price.

The5thQuarter the good thing about 2011 and WI is that Marquette won't have many scholarships available like they will in 2012 since they got 2 JUCOs in last years class

kingkeggel yeah. Is James White is he close to committing?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Negative, he told me that he is going to wait until after the season. He wants to see what other opportunities come up

The5thQuarter He might be one of the RB we would wait for. He is pretty special and explosive.

kingkeggel He has a Huge list of offers

The5thQuarter Ben is getting it done folks

kingkeggel Who is Doug Rigg, I don't believe I know him

The5thQuarter A OLB from NJ. He plays RB but most schools were recruiting him at LB

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Wisconsin is the only school that has offered him as a running back.

kingkeggel He'll probably be West Virginia or Maryland

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He is taking officials to Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers, possibly Pittsburgh and possibly North Carolina. I think with that, we'll wrap up the chat for this week. Thanks to everybody for participating and viewing.

The5thQuarter Thanks for the chat, see you all next week

kingkeggel Thanks for the chat keep doing good work

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Feel free to message us anytime if you have questions or you want us to contact someone for you. We always take requests.

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