Conditioning for a Title

Even though he's attending a new school for his senior season, Ohio offensive lineman Skyler Schofner has the same goal – to win a state championship. With that mindset, Schofner is taking his time with his recruitment, although there are a few schools and recruiting coaches that stand out.

MADISON - Although the summer temperatures have been mild in Ohio, Skyler Schofner knows that the heat has already been turned up on him and all of his upperclassmen teammates.

"Oh yeah, we are all excited," Schofner told Badger Nation during a break at practice Wednesday. "We are doing pretty well right now through two-a-days. We all want to win and we are all working hard. We have 29 seniors this year, and we are ready to go to state this year play by play, game by game."

Although unranked nationally, Schofner, who transferred from Washington Court House to Johnstown-Monroe High School in January after a family move, is ranked as the No. 44 prospect in Ohio by In the competitive world of Ohio high school football, Schofner (6-foot-6, 281 pounds) knows that his new team's success is not going to come easy.

"We had to run 50 40-yard sprints, because we need to get in shape for the season," Schofner said. "We ran a couple, then backed it down, then went at it again. We are doing whatever it takes. We had to do probably 100 up-downs today, too. It's not easy, but if you want to be the best, you have to work at it."

Spending the off season doing nothing but lifting, working and playing football, Schofner has seen a modest scholarship list of just four schools (Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and Toledo) grow to over 21 offers, getting offers from schools like Michigan, Michigan State, South Carolina and Wisconsin.

While Schofner is satisfied with the caliber of schools on his offer list, there is still at least one important school the offensive tackle is waiting to hear from.

"I would like to hear from Ohio State but if not, I have the other schools in mind that I would like to look closer at," Schofner said. "As time goes by, I am just waiting for schools to make a decision on if they are going to offer me or not. There are a few schools I am waiting to hear from before I really narrow my list."

Although he hasn't narrowed his list completely, Schofner admitted to liking Michigan State, Kentucky, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Wanting to take a closer look at those schools, Schofner has enjoyed spending time with Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Rudolph, who has gained three verbal commitments from Ohio players this recruiting cycle alone.

"Coach Rudolph is absolutely great," Schofner said. "They've working with me and stuff and talking to me quite a bit. He emails me all the time, he calls me when he can and I call them a lot to talk about school and how things are coming along. It's a pretty good relationship so far. I really like Wisconsin quite a bit."

Not sure where he is going to take his official visits, Schofner can see himself playing in the trenches of the Big Ten Conference. Although he would be happy to have an offer from the home-state Buckeyes, Schofner is still open to the possibility of playing elsewhere, a decision he likely won't come to until after his senior season.

"It ultimately depends where I am happy at. I am going to go where I am happy at," Schofner said. "I am going to wait to make my decision after the season. I am just taking things day-by-day until something feels right."

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