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Recruiting analysts Dave Berk, Jordan Goetzke and Allen Trieu join Badger Nation publisher Benjamin Worgull and subscribers to discuss Wisconsin's recruiting efforts in the state of Ohio, talking about the 2010 commits, what 2009 players could make an early impact and deliver the inside information straight from the sources.

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GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Welcome to Badger Nation's exclusive insider chat, where Badger Nation brings in the regional analyst for real-time analysis on current and possibly future UW recruits. In addition to Badger Nation recruiting analyst Jordan Goetzke and Midwest recruiting analyst Allen Trieu, we welcome in Ohio recruiting analyst Dave Berk.

DaveBerk: Hello every one! I'll take questions on Ohio kids when ever someone has one

kingkeggel: Any updates on Alex Smith?

DaveBerk: Alex is going to tell who ever he's speaking with what they want to hear. I've known the kid for over a year and while I think he'll look at Wisconsin because of the way they use the tight end, I don't see him going that far away from his mother.

DaveBerk: With or with out Alex in this class Wisconsin is making a dent in the Buckeye State.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Dave, good evening, Bret Bielema has been gloating all summer about Chris Borland at the mike linebacker position. What did you like about him from his time at Archbishop Alter?

DaveBerk: Goalie, what you get with Borland is a smart hard nose player who may lack some size but gives you everything he has on the field. He's also very smart and can pick things up quick.

kingkeggel: do you see any other prospects going to Wisconsin from Ohio?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: King, I think Skyler Schofner is a good prospect to watch out for?

DaveBerk: King, I'll say this... Wisconsin is getting good quality players from Ohio. I don't think there done trying to get Ohio guys (Alex Smith - Skyler Schofner) but a lot of guys have made early choices. Right now I'd place Michigan State as the front runner for Skyler.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: He wants to take an official to UW. Dave, what are your thoughts on the Talbott brothers? Will they go to the same school and/or will they follow Josh Harrison to UW?

DaveBerk: Love the Talbotts. My kid brother is the O-line coach at Wayne and I'm very close to the program. They are two quality players. Terry is the better of the two and is getting a lot of looks. But Terrence is a shut down corner.

trieuprospects: We just finished our Midwest rankings update by the way, those will be released to the world next Monday, but if you want a preview, I'll answer questions about where UW commits/recruits ended up.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Hey Allen, do you see UW making a dent in Michigan for any prospects? Last year, UW got Zac Matthias from Hemlock, but they don't look like they are making much headway this year. Any Mich. players UW has a chance with?

trieuprospects: They tried with a few, but those kids have committed elsewhere already.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Robert Bolden and William Gholston comes to mind.

trieuprospects: The best chance they have is with DT Carl Davis. He has been offered and he has an official visit scheduled to UW on Sept. 5. I think Iowa is his leader, but that visit could cause some movement.

kingkeggel: Dave, do you know where the Talbotts are leaning?

DaveBerk: Right now they are open. Kentucky is really trying to get them both on campus. Michigan is going to push hard for them now that both have offers. Michigan State hasn't pulled the trigger on Terrence and that could slow them there. But keep this in mind. Ohio State is always talking with Wayne coach Jay Minton and OSU does have interest in Terry.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Allen, with the rankings, who were the big movers and shakers from the state?

trieuprospects: Jeff Lewis moved up the most. We also moved Marquis Mason and Marcus Trotter up quite a bit.

trieuprospects: I don't know how the stars will shake out. Dave and I rank kids by state and region and then Scott Kennedy slots them nationally.

DaveBerk: I will tell you from talking with Wayne head coach Jay Minton that he's very impressed with Wisconsin and the coaching staff from his visit there this year.

kingkeggel: sounds good.

kingkeggel: Does Harrisons commitment help with the Talbotts?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Dave, Ontko, Byers and Harrison are all unranked, where do you project them to be when they are all done?

trieuprospects: Byers made our Midwest 150, so did Dallas Lewallen and Jake Irwin. Ontko and Harrison missed the 150, but were in the next batch of kids under that.

DaveBerk: I like Byers the most out of the group. As I wrote in my Scout's Take on Harrison, he's a solid program kid from a program Wisconsin what to be in on. Ontko is a lot like Harrison as he'll be a solid program guy.

DaveBerk: Keep in mind every program that is recruiting Wayne High School has Braxton Miller in their mind.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Braxton Miller is going to be huge

kingkeggel: But Miller is only a junior right?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: What schools have already popped in on the 2011 prospect?

DaveBerk: He already is huge and I'm proud to say I wrote about him before he played his first high school game.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: His coach called him a freak athlete, which I feel might be an understatement.

DaveBerk: Braxton is already holding offers from Cincinnati, Ohio State, Miami (Fla), Michigan, North Carolina, etc. Braxton is special and one of those kids you don't see everyday

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: How high do you think he'll be ranked when 2011 comes out?

DaveBerk: He's a national guy

trieuprospects: Our 2011 watch list debuts later this month. He will be one of the few kids we consider for #1 in the Midwest

DaveBerk: I know I have him as Ohio's #1 guy for 2011. Another guy in the 2011 class that Wisconsin is sure to make a run at is Trey DePriest out of Springfield, Ohio

kingkeggel: what does he play?

trieuprospects: OLB

DaveBerk: Trey will be offered by OSU in a month and has already been offered by Oklahoma.

DaveBerk: and yes he's a backer, but he's also best friends with Braxton Miller.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Dave, what have you heard about Chi Chi Ariguzo? It says he's committed to Northwestern, but I haven't seen a story about him.

DaveBerk: Chi Chi is a hard kid to get a hold of. I really love him and feel his best football is ahead of him. His parents are like Doctors and they really don't get into the recruiting stuff. This is a steal for NW.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: I had the pleasure of being one of his first interviews. A really nice kid. He must have committed recently?

DaveBerk: Yes he did, but they didn't want a lot of press about it. It was NW because of the academics.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Allen, what's the status of A.J. Derby? A QB/Safety from Iowa City.

kingkeggel: what does he play?

DaveBerk: He'll be a safety or an outside backer

trieuprospects: Derby has a lot of offers, I think he will wait and take some official visits. He recently picked up a number of SEC offers, and I think he may head south for a few visits before he decides. But he has ties to Wisconsin, his uncle played there and he his dad is from there.

kingkeggel: we already have a quarterback and two safeties

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Things are getting pretty quiet on the recruiting front for a lot of kids. I don't see too many more offers being dished out by UW until the season starts.

The5thQuarter: just like CJ Olanyian, who I just got off the phone with, says that he is open to everyone that have offered, about 20 schools, Wisconsin being one of them, just talked to Coach Alexander the other day.

DaveBerk: Right now, staffs are working on getting ready for their season just like the high school kids are getting ready for there's.

The5thQuarter: just got back from a nice visit to Missouri as well

DaveBerk: CJ has made the rounds and see a lot of programs and told a lot of programs

he's interested The5thQuarter: he said a decision should be made by sometime around mid season

trieuprospects: I think CJ will commit to Michigan State or an SEC school, but that's just my opinion

The5thQuarter: CJ is from Atlanta as he pointed out

trieuprospects: Yeah, he badly wants Georgia to recruit him harder

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Allen, what do you know about Bruce Gaston, DT from Chicago?

trieuprospects: UW made his final six, and they have offered him. I think Notre Dame is the team to beat for him however

DaveBerk: So how good is Wisconsin going to be this season?

kingkeggel: 9-3

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Well, they've been penciled anywhere from fifth to seventh, but the schedule sets up well for them (no Penn State and Illinois) and play most of the hard teams (Iowa, Michigan State) at home. I agree with king, 9-3 or 8-4.

trieuprospects: Hey, its been fun guys, but I have to run and finish more rankings. Look for this updates all this week

kingkeggel: ok, thanks

DaveBerk: talk with you later

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Talk about Joe Rudolph's impact in Ohio. Wisconsin's assistant coach has been reeling in players, including Pat Muldoon, Borland and Brian Wozniak from last recruiting season.

DaveBerk: He's worked very hard in the area and in the SW Ohio area, getting a lot of respect, as well

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: In a few years, Wisconsin's three starting linebackers could be Ontko-Harrison-Byers, which would be a huge compliment to Rudolph

DaveBerk: I love Muldoon and think he has a chance to be a special player. Borland is a solid program guy who will not be flashy but gets the job done. Wozniak I at first questioned if he could play in the Big Ten but he'd progressed so much between his junior and senior seasons.

DaveBerk: I don't see those three starting together. I really question the speed of Harrison and don't know if he's got the hips to be a big time backer. He may see a move up to an edge.

DaveBerk: Don't forget about Duckworth as well. He's a nice receiver.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Dave, great point. A lot of people are all hyped up over Appleton, but Duckworth could provide a nice compliment.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: He's got a bit of a shoulder problem that he's fighting through.

DaveBerk: I've seen both play as Appleton and his team played in Ohio last season. Appleton is a major get for Wisconsin and is going to be a star.

DaveBerk: If I get a chance to see any of the Wisconsin boys in action I'll make sure I report on what they've done. I know I'll see a couple of Wayne games and I'm going to try and get to a scrimmage for Alter and one for Wayne this week.

kingkeggel: Dave, what is the top high school program in Ohio?

DaveBerk: As for the top high school program in Ohio … There are too many to talk about. High School football in Ohio is some of the best I've seen. I can name twenty five programs or even more. Ohio has six divisions for high school ball.

DaveBerk: All with top talent.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Dave, I appreciate the insight, as always

DaveBerk: Thanks for having me and I look forward to doing this again.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: UW recruits Ohio very hard, so it's good to have an ace like you down there

DaveBerk: Thanks.

kingkeggel: Did the staff remove Austin Kirpes' offer?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Kirpes is still deciding on what to do, but from all indications from him, he still has a UW offer. UW had three players leave the program this week, which opens up three more scholarships for this class.

The5thQuarter: Kirpes seems to be either being slow played or he is very reluctant to commit. He says that he still has an offer. He did pick up another offer this week from Portland State, which is another I-AA offer. He's very focused on the season, but doesn't have any other BCS offers.

The5thQuarter: From the last talking, he does have an offer still. It seems like we are full at OLB/DE though.

kingkeggel: Except for corner and tackle, we look full.

The5thQuarter: I would say a couple more on the OL, might see a project at FB taken now.

kingkeggel: Was Darious Thomas going to see playing time at Wisconsin?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: Not this season,. UW is pretty stacked with young corners, but eventually, I would say he would be a factor. Dezmen Southward looks to be better though. He came in as a projected safety, but Doeren said he loved his athleticism. There's a logjam of older seniors, and he wouldn't be able to play right away, which isn't want the coaches want.

The5thQuarter: Ben, has Nick Hill been heard from in camp yet?

kingkeggel: He should contribute on special teams right away

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick: McCray spoke very highly of all the preferred walk-ons. Practice is open on Monday, so we'll be sure to get a look.

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