Bielema Likes What Taylor Brings

Giving an updated injury report and his gut feeling on the quarterbacks, Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema speaks highly of redshirt freshman linebacker Mike Taylor, who's fresh legs and hard play have helped him crack on to the first-team defense Monday.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -

Opening statement: This was the last day of two-a-days in theory, but I did tell them that one of the things we'll try to do is stress during camp that you can be rewarded by how you practice.

I was kind of concerned, we haven't had any problems with balls on the ground, and then there were two balls on the ground back-to-back with two of our younger backs. We've got to make sure we get that straight.

(What did you see out of Michael Taylor to get him with the ones) – You know what, Mike's been impressive since he's been here, we just haven't seen him practice a lot. Leonhard Hubbard, who had been doing some really good things for us, jammed his toe in the ground this morning. All the X-rays are negative, but he's not going to be with us for three or four days. That prompted Dave (Doeren) to kind of move Blake (Sorensen) into the middle and give him more reps there. One thing Mike should have is fresh legs. They've been injured, but he should be able to withstand quite a bit of some practice time. So that's what we wanted to get in (and) work exclusively with the ones.

(Does Taylor have a knack for blitzing) – He does, he's got a little edge. His first year, we actually played him a little bit at Bat, which was our rush end.

(Kelly on crutches now) – Basically, what he did is inflamed some tissue in his groin and what they're trying to do is relieve it to get it back faster by not stressing him by walking. By the end of this week hopefully we'll get him back by Sunday. All the X-rays are negative, so the best thing was there wasn't anything structurally damaged.

(Carimi?) – Today, I know he did some pass sets and did some different things against air. But one of the things, we're not in a big hurry with Gabe is getting him back out there too quick. The injury he had a year ago was the exact same thing he had this year. He even said it right away, he goes, ‘This isn't as bad as a year ago.' I think he's got his own frame of mind. Gabe's a pretty tough mentally guy too so I think he's kind of battling those elements as well.

(Anderson doing up-downs after practice) – Nobody probably practiced in practices one through the first eight days as anybody on this team. For whatever reason, he didn't finish a play down there today when the game was on the line and that's what we're talking about.

(Anderson cut off a route in the scrimmage Saturday too; injury related?) – But he's been cleared to go and the one thing I shared with him after that play because Curt got an interception because he threw the ball deep was if you can't go then we need to know and we need to move forward. We can't just let things be out there. I know that Isaac's a good football player and he's made huge gains in that last year and a half, but it's got to be every time, every day.

(Concerned about Henry) – Saturday, we scrimmaged, he took every rep with it and played as good as he's played probably since his injury. Today because of the double day, he was a little bit slow this morning. We don't want to start that down the wrong path. We don't want it to become an issue.

(QBs performed better today) – I think Saturday was a little bit of a rough day. There's a couple things that jump out to you. The turnovers as well as the inconsistent thing. What I think we have to look through at that position is what's been happening the whole camp. Fortunately for us, I think Curt and Scott both bounced back good tonight.

(Any talk about captains). Yep, we vote tomorrow night. I actually talked about what we expect from there. We're actually going to let the freshmen vote this year, because kind of a different thing now is the freshmen have been involved in our camp since the beginning of June. So they know these guys just as good as anybody and can kind of give you a better perspective out of what's being seen right now.

(Gut feeling on QB decision) – Yes and no. I thought after the first week I kind of had one feeling, and what I'm going to do is just kind of pan it all out. On Wednesday, we're going to have officials out here and we're going to have a pretty significant scrimmage again and then we'll have an opportunity to visit as a staff and go through some things and then Thursday morning we'll get NIU scouting reports and kind of move forward after that.

(Appleton) -- I think he's finally feeling better, getting healthier. He still has the condition factor he's got to work into. One of the things he has is the big hands to catch the ball well, as you saw down there on the goal line. I think that's a sign of good things to come.

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