Worried but Confident

Badger Nation catches up with Milwaukee Marquette linebacker Marcus Trotter to discuss the latest with his recruitment.

Badger Nation: With the season starting on Friday, what is new with your recruitment?

Marcus Trotter: Things are slowly down a little bit, especially since most teams are getting ready for the season. I have been in contact with Wisconsin. One school that has been talking to me more is Colorado. They were really impressed with my film and they invited me and my brother (Michael Trotter) to their one-day camp, but we couldn't go because we had already paid for other camps and it would have been too much. We couldn't really show them what we had, but they kept email us.

They saw my unofficial transcripts and they've written me letters that they are really excited. Since Michael committed to the Badgers, they have been a little quieter, but they are still telling me to call and they want to get to know me better. It's been hard to get a hold of them with the season starting.

Badger Nation: Who do you all have offers from now officially?

Trotter: Indiana, Illinois State, North Dakota and Northern Iowa.

Badger Nation: Tell me a little bit about Indiana and your situation with the Hoosiers?

Trotter: I just found out that somebody committed ahead of me to Indiana at my position, so spots are starting to fill up. I have been noticing a lot of linebackers are committing to different places. The coaches let me know that there are only one or two spots left. They have like 21 commits, and I wouldn't be surprised if they are getting full at linebackers. The coaches told me they that they don't want me to commit too early, and they want me to commit when it's right. Right now, I am more focused on the season and I am not ready to make my college decision.

Badger Nation: Does that put added pressure on you that you want to wait but at the same time, schools are starting to fill up their recruiting classes and you could miss out?

Trotter: Yeah, at first, I really didn't think that the linebacker spots would fill up so fast. I thought I would have a couple months until I could make my decision. It's been two months since I have been offered and they are almost full. I really thought I had two or three games into the season until I had to make a choice. It seems a lot of people that as soon as they get a scholarship they commit right away, and I am surprised by that. It puts a lot of pressure on me, because that's my biggest offer. A lot of people want me to commit before it's too late, but I want to feel right with my decision. When I feel right about it, I am going to commit, but I am still going through my options.

Badger Nation: Have you heard much from Wisconsin since that camp and since your brother committed? Has there been a lot of dialogue?

Trotter: Not as much. I try to keep in touch with Coach Doeren, because ever since last summer's camp, we've had a real good relationship. They are more focused on Michael though, they are always calling him and writing letters to him. You've got to accept that, but I am still trying to keep in contact with them.

Badger Nation: Obviously it's frustrating, but it seems like you have done all you can do so far. You said you had a great camp at Wisconsin and that you have put yourself at Wisconsin. Do you feel the Badgers are in a wait and see mode?

Trotter: I try not to think about it too much. If I work hard, some opportunity will open up and I think that's the case with me. I will definitely go somewhere, and some schools might be waiting to see me play a couple games. I can't think about that though. I can't think about Wisconsin watching me. I feel there is a lot of time left and that things will turn out OK for me. Right now, I lost some bad weight, I feel a lot quicker, I feel a lot better than I did last year and I feel on top of my game right now.

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