Riley Breaks Down Wisconsin vs. Pitt

If Julian Riley doesn't fall in love with his visit to Florida this weekend, his decision will come down to a battle he's been thinking about for weeks - Wisconsin vs. Pitt. Riley broke down that decision for Badger Nation and revealed his early favorite between those two schools.

After months of comparing and contrasting his options thoroughly, Julian Riley has a solid gameplan in place heading into his final official visit this weekend.

The 6-4, 260-pound defensive end from St. Petersburg (Fl.) will take his final trip to Florida this weekend, then come back and make his final decision.

Riley has spent the week going through a survey he developed, trying to decide which school he likes better amongst his other two finalists – Wisconsin and Pitt.

"Let's just say (hypothetically, if) I don't like Florida. Florida will be out of the picture and with (Wisconsin and Pitt), it's just so minute," Riley said. "It's really, really hard between them. It's been hard. I'm really looking forward to making my decision."

But Riley has an early favorite in the battle between those two favorites.

"Wisconsin will probably end up winning that battle, because their campus is a little bit less spread out than Pitt is," Riley said. "Because as far as education goes, it's the same thing. As far as the team goes, it's the same thing. But as far as the "need" aspect, I think Wisconsin needs me a little bit more. They've made that (clear).

"They both have about the same amount of guys on their depth chart. It's just, Pitt's guys are a little bit younger. But that doesn't really matter to me anyways, because I know no matter where I go, I'm going to play anyways. I mean, I don't care if I was at Miami. That's the way I feel."

While Wisconsin currently leads, he said Pitt is not out of it, and Florida is certainly in the picture. He is interested to see how he feels about the Gators on his trip this weekend.

"I've been to their campus plenty of times. I just want to continue seeing what the guys are like, and see what their whole coaching staff is really like, and just see everything, talk to the players and then do my survey," Riley said. "It's a whole bunch of questions that I have when I'm at my house. So I will do that also. I'm also going to look at their depth chart, talk to their d-line coach and just see how that really is."

After Riley returns home and analyzes his Florida experience with his survey, he will do one more comparison between the three schools, and then announce his decision.

"I'm going to wait until after this Florida visit. That way I've been through all my visits, I can see how I like it up there and everything, and then I will be ready," Riley said. "It's just narrowing it all down after that and making the best decision. I'm enjoying (the process) but I'm ready to make that decision."

Riley has had a constant stream of in-home visits, including four schools over the last two days. Special Teams Coach Brian Murphy and Defensive Line Coach John Palermo made the trip to his home Tuesday evening, while coaches from Florida, Boston College and Pitt visited last night.

But Riley said following his trip to Boston College last weekend, the Eagles are now out of the picture.

"It went alright, but it wasn't that exciting," Riley said.

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