Northern Illinois Post Game - Bret Bielema

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema addresses the media after the Badgers win their 12th consecutive season home opener against Northern Illinois 28-20.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema -

Opening Statement

"There are a lot of good things that happened out there tonight, with as many young people as we played, there was enough positive things out there to help us win a football game. On the same account tomorrow will be great film for players, coaches and situations. Things that we definitely need to handle better to put us in the situation that we were in at the end. I thought our guys competed and in certain positions we are really, really thin so we need guys to persevere and battle through it, and they did that for the most part. The part that I take out of it as the head coach was there was enough things that happened out there that gave us a win. I don't know what people will grade but 90-95 percent of the snaps were very, very positive, but that five to 10 percent that were negative could put us in a situation that we were there in the fourth quarter. Fortunately we were able to win and we will move ourselves forward. Some players individually I thought did a good job, we wanted to get both quarterbacks in, can't argue with the way Scotty (Tolzien) started the first snap and there was a couple defensive players I thought really did a lot of good things. Bottom line, we got to improve in a lot of areas and we will to get ready for Fresno State."

On the play of quarterback Scott Tolzien

"He was today, what he has been through camp, just real steady, handles the situation. The one interception was brought on by a protection issue, when he went to release the football. And the one at the end of the game, I'm sure he wants to take back. But Scotty is a young quarterback, he just made his first collegiate start and everything he showed me, shows that he is deserving of the second one coming next week."

On the first play call

"You know bottom line you want to call something that you feel is going to have success and I always remember when I was a defensive coordinator. I tell our guys if the first play came at you, then they believe there is a weakness there. On the flip side of it, from the offensive standpoint, you go where you think you are going to have success. Paul (Chryst) talked about that play even earlier today, the opportunity came, and he capitalized. Isaac (Anderson) made a move, Scott threw it, we got protection and Isaac caught it and ran it."

On Isaac Anderson not playing after the second TD

"I was walking off the field with him and all the people were starting to yell ‘Toon' and I tried to grab Isaac by the sleeve and said ‘If I remember right, you scored the first touchdown.' But you know what, Isaac has grown a lot from what I have witnessed. I know you guys were out there when I lit him up pretty good during a practice. That's what I like about this team, they're young, they are going to continue to grow. They can take a mistake and turn it into a positive. I didn't see Isaac moping around. One of the things I was really proud of him, is when they got a penalty at the end of the game against him. His helmet got ripped off and the natural reaction is to react back and that would have been an off-setting penalty. We got 15 yards there and that was a big play of the game."

On the offensive line and freshman Travis Frederick

"Going into the game we felt pretty good about Travis. He has shown us a lot of good things and the part that probably benefitted us and we didn't even know it was that a year ago in January when he came in, so he could go all the way through spring football. I do think he got flagged today for a holding call, but I watched the replay and went up to the official. I don't think it was him, I think it was actually on the front side guard. So from where I was sitting he handled things very well, he got down there tight at the end. There were no center-QB exchange issues out there and he had two quarterbacks rolling in so I thought that was a pretty good thing."

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