Michael Turner Talks About UW Visit

Michael Turner is back in Texas, and will make his college decision Monday morning. Turner fills in Badger Nation on his three finalists, and his feelings less than 48 hours from decision time.

After spending the last couple of days in Wisconsin, where temperatures dipped well below zero degrees, Turner was more than happy to board the flight back to Fort Worth, Tex. But he said despite the temperature, everything went well on the trip.

"The only negative was the weather. It was really cold. But I had a pretty good time," Turner said. "I just hung out with the fellas, mostly with quarterback Devin Hollins. He was my host and he was real cool. We just got to hang out, that's all. I got to meet the two kids from Houston, and I got to see the workouts and things they do."

Turner said he will make his final decision Monday morning. He will inform his high school coaches of the decision upon arriving at school in the morning, but will not hold a press conference.

His three finalists are New Mexico, Wisconsin and Ball State. He has informed the coaching staffs of all the remaining schools he is no longer interested.

"That was my last visit. I'm tired of visiting places. All three (finalists) are good schools," Turner said. "They all talk about education and how that comes first, and they are all pretty equal right now. I just have to sit down and think about which school is best for me."

Turner said the Badger staff talked to him about his prospects over the weekend, letting him know he will have a chance to contribute over the next couple of seasons.

"They already have a starting running back, Anthony Davis, but they were saying the best will play, and `You will be able to fit in somewhere making plays for us. You won't be just sitting on the sidelines.' They said they will put me out there somewhere, on kickoff return or punt return. They will use me some way, to use my speed."

But Turner said he would likely play considerably more at his other two finalists.

"At New Mexico, if I go there, I will rotate with a back named Dontrell Moore (a 5-11, 171-pound redshirt freshman from Roswell, N.M.)," Turner said. "If I go to Ball State, I will be the starter, right off the bat. That doesn't really matter though, because I don't mind just sitting out my freshman year or whatever. They will get me stronger and faster and then I will just come out my sophomore year and do something. It really doesn't matter."

Turner will be the last of the top four prospects at Fort Worth Dunbar to announce his college decision. Ernest Mason is a solid commitment for Wisconsin, while Terion Caldwell committed to Stephen F. Austin and Charleston Gray committed to North Carolina.

But Turner said Gray is having second thoughts about the Tar Heels.

"He doesn't really know if he wants to go there or not," Turner said. "He made the commitment, but he's really kind of undecided. Probably 50/50."

Turner said the teammates initially discussed the prospects of committing to the same school if possible, but came to the realization it was best for everyone to go their separate ways.

"At a point, we were talking about playing for the same school, but we decided we should go to the schools that are best for us," Turner said.

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