Fresno State Reaction - Bret Bielema

Admitting that as many as 45 players missed practice time this week with the flu, a relied Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema addresses the media after the Badgers 34-31 overtime victory over Fresno State.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema -

partial transcript

Opening Statement:

"I told the team downstairs in the locker room that I doubt very much there isn't a team in college football this week that went through what they did. From a preparation standpoint, to be tested the way they were physically with the flu bug. I will give you the number now, we had 40-plus guys out Tuesday that sucked it up, some of them were practicing, some were throwing up at practice. Some didn't practice Wednesday, some of them did. Just to persevere and put themselves in a position to go through another overtime game and compete the way they did."

" I can't say enough about their tremendous effort, from individuals, coaches, the fans. We have the best fans in college football, for them to be able to stick with us and persevere, although they didn't agree all of the time in the beginning of the first half, they believed in the end. Wisconsin education process."

"I know our guys are really, really fired up. That was a very, very good football team. I have a tremendous amount respect for Pat Hill and what he's been able to do. This is a two-year battle with him now and I just have the upmost respect for their players and the way they competed. Good football game, everybody wants to talk ticket prices all the time, I think we gave everyone a full-dollar value."

"With that I will open up for some questions. Real quick, injury wise, Travis Frederick, we took him in for x-rays and it doesn't look like anything more than an ankle sprain. (Peter) Konz is the next center we got going in, we are a little bit thin at that spot. For Peter Konz to go in and do what he did was just tremendous. Isaac Anderson just had some bad cramps, he was really cramping up out there. That's the part we were really scared about today. Just guys that were sick and dehydrated. I think we had a half dozen guys getting IV's before the game even started today. Just trying to be proactive with these things. One more, Bradie Ewing may have had a concussion. I saw him smiling, he was looking at me at the end of the game, so I don't think he's too bad. But just a great team effort out there today."

On the possibility of Travis Frederick going back in the game:

"I don't think so, he's got an ankle sprain. If he could he would have. I can't even tell you if he was in a boot. I have just been in a whirlwind ever since the field goal."

On Aaron Henry and the flu:

"Aaron Henry woke up today throwing up, (he) was sick. He was one that kind of avoided it all week and then I guess he called Gary Johnson, our trainer, at about 1:30-2 a.m., and was throwing up and wanted to get something. Came down this morning, tried to eat and threw it up again. We IV'd him, he tried to get up and take the field, but his body wasn't reacting."

"J.J. Watt, he had got it earlier in the week. He came in my office on Tuesday and says ‘Coach I'm sick but I just saw someone coming out of the training room with a mask on,' and he didn't want to go in there. He saw the movie Outbreak a couple of years ago and he thought he was living in that. I said ‘J.J., hey, the only way we can help you is to go down there.' I can't thank our medical staff enough, Dr. Wilson, Coach Alvarez and the administration, to help give us everything they could to help get our guys back on the field and practicing."

"You know we don't usually practice on Fridays and I told the guys Thursday night because of the work we didn't get Tuesday we need to go out and practice and they didn't bat an eye. I told them today, they won today because they out-worked people. We weren't clean, there's enough things out there that we got to get corrected and I don't want to see repeated mistakes. And believe me, we did some things out there, we beat ourselves before the snap three or four times and we can't have that happen and win consistently."

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