Fresno State Reaction - John Clay

Registering a career-high 143 rushing yards, including a vital 72-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter, Wisconsin sophomore running back John Clay addresses the media following the Badgers 34-31 overtime victory over Fresno State.

Wisconsin Sophomore John Clay -

partial transcript

On dealing with the widespread illness this week: "The team doctors were great. They gave us everything we needed, told us to stay hydrated and keep rested. And that played a big part in me not getting sick. I was constantly trying to stay clean –washing my hands, showering—getting out of the area where people that were sick were, and getting home and getting rest."

On his huge breakaway: "We caught that play. We knew it was going to be open. David Gilreath came around on the fake and opened up that right side, and I just took it from there. My team helped out a lot. Right when we came in there, they just said they were going to block for me and I follow them. I do what they tell me. They say they got me, and I listen."

On the lack of yards in the running game up until that point: "They were shooting the gaps. When they see me come in, they figure it is going to be a power game, running through the tackle, so they were loading the box every time I came in. I can do what I can and the whole line was doing everything possible to get me the ball."

On his speed: "I think since I've put a little weight on (people think) I'm not explosive anymore, that I don't have my speed anymore. But my mom and everyone tells me I can't judge a book by its cover, and I do have my speed still. I think it made people open up their eyes and (didn't) figure me as just a power-back anymore. I do have speed to break away from the safeties and corners."

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