Q & A with Brandon Kelly

Ohio's Brandon Kelly talks about why he picked the Badgers, who has favorite football players is and much more. Check it out.

Why did you pick Wisconsin?

"The tradition of Wisconsin and the fan support are what I liked the most about Wisconsin plus the Bedford pipeline to the school."

What position will you play for the Badgers?


Which coach at Wisconsin is recruiting you?

"Coach (Henry) Mason"

What are your goals going to be as a true freshman?

"I'm going to try an go in and be an impact player. I want to compete for some playing time."

What was your most memorable moment as a high school football player?

"My junior year we advanced to the play-offs for the first time in the schools history."

Do you have a favorite college or professional football player?

"Ray Lewis because he's tenacious and aggressive."

What did you like most about the recruiting process?

"Getting the chance to go to all the different schools and everyone treats you so good. It's just a good feeling."

What did you like the least about the recruiting process?

"The time frame that I had to make a decision I guess. I took four visits in five weeks and it just wears you down."

What advice would you give an underclassman that will go through the recruiting process in the future?

"Get as much exposure as you can. Go to camps and prove yourself. Have a good senior season."

Is there a person in your life that you admire or that has been instrumental in your success?

"Chris Chambers, he went to Bedford as well as Wisconsin and now he's in the NFL. Chris is a good role model and hopefully I can accomplish all the things that he's accomplished in his life."

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