Wofford Postgame Reaction - Bret Bielema

Head coach Bret Bielema addresses the media after Wisconsin's 44-14 win over Wofford on 9.19.09.

Head Coach Bret Bielema -

partial transcript

Opening Statement:

"The one thing is, we got out there and thought that we, for the most part, knew what we were getting into. I thought the way our defense came ready to play. Knew what they needed to do to have us get a win, I really thought the first half they played tremendous football defensively. And on offense, one of the hugest things we have talked about all week was we were not going to give anyone an opportunity to get a turnover, ball security. Just to end all questions, I know there's an issue, we fumbled the ball. We cannot have that happen, so as the head coach I will take responsibility and I will make sure it gets corrected and we will move ourselves forward. I thought it was great in the second quarter, I pointed out to our kids, that we scored 28 points in the second quarter, we also had no penalties in the second quarter. It's amazing what we will be able to do when we play in a way that allows you to have success just by who and what we do."

"It's important that we got all of our offensive linemen, except for Travis Frederick, kind of thought going into the day that if we can hold him out of it, it would be great to get him ready for next week against Michigan State. It was good to see Billy (Nagy) and Moff (John Moffitt) out there just enjoying life, getting out there and playing football. Got some guys in there in the second half that we may need down the road. Shelton Johnson came up with a personal foul on the sideline there, and it is something that we will get corrected. Bottom line, he was out there and he went through it and lived through it."

"There are a lot of positives out there; some of the positives have to come through negative actions. But we will get ourselves right and move on."

On the fumbles:

"I'm done answering questions about the fumbles. It's an issue and we are going forward. There were a variety, some were caused by guys coming in, to me, I know what I have to get across as a head coach. That is ball security, one hand, two hand, we have to do everything we can to make sure they understand."

On re-shaping the offensive line:

"It kind of depends on Travis probably. Because if he's able to play then that will mean we can get a second center in there and rep him during the course of the week. Obviously we got Pete (Konz), Travis and we got John. But we also have a little bit of a depth issue because we aren't really solid in there behind Jake and Kevin. If we got to move John to guard and let him rep in there, or Travis, one of those two guys. Because Pete is doing some pretty good things at center. Again, we will look at it after film today."

"At the inside three, at center and guard. We got our best players out there but also we feel confident because of what we do. You know we have never had the luxury, going back to last spring, of having as many linemen available to play as we have. If we could do that, some of those bigger bodies when they wear down, we could move forward."

On the special teams blocking the punt:

"Amazing effort by him, we have actually been practicing that block for three weeks and their shield kind of comes together and gets small so we talked about scaling off the edge. Chris (Borland) just realized he was going to be able to go airborne, I believe he came scot-free, I thought they probably blocked the guard with him, but they didn't so he came scot-free. And then to be able to extend on it. You're right, I really felt that when I was watching it that ball was going to go out the back of the end zone and David slid around and away to get that ball corralled for a touchdown. Which is huge. I showed in fall camp last year when we blocked a punt and we knocked it out the back of the endzone. I'm sorry it was actually a kickoff against Minnesota, but we had guys around him and we didn't recover and got a safety instead of a touchdown. That point was made and it showed today."

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