Wofford Postgame Reaction - Mike Taylor

UW linebacker Mike Taylor helps Wisconsin beat Wofford by registering nine tackles and scoring a seven-yard sack in Saturday's game, yielding a 44-14 win.

Wisconsin linebacker Michael Taylor -

partial transcript

On his overall game performance: "I think every week I get a little bit better. Start in the first game, second game get a little bit better, third game get a little better. Looking forward to playing Michigan State and hopefully getting even better at that game. It's been good so far."

On his comfort with this week's defense: "We had two defensive calls the whole game. It takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders when you're confident on what you're doing. That's the difference."

On staying healthy: "Each game we get more comfortable with what we're doing out there, more comfortable with the guys and the playbook. Knowing your responsibilities and executing them."

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