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Recruiting analysts Jordan Goetzke and Badger Nation publisher Benjamin Worgull join subscribers to discuss Wisconsin's football and its recruiting efforts every Tuesday night. Here is just a small sample of last week's chat.

panama74 Do you think Ball will play saturday or is redshirting still a possibility?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick i am really surprised by Bielema. He was adamant about smith and ball receiving reps this season, but it just hasn't happened as much as we thought. Settle talked yesterday about how Ball is guaranteed a redshirt yet but there's no sense in playing him now. of course, Uw has hasn't had a lot of success in the run game yet.

panama74 Who has looked the best out of the DTs so far? It's hard to tell who's in and how they are doing sometimes

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick Well, Moore and Butrym have been banged up with the flu and injuries. Stehle hasn't made a lot of plays thus far, but is plugging a hole in the middle. Watt does a good job when he is healthy and in the middle.

panama74 do you think they'll need to use kohout at all this year?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I don't know if he is ready to be honest. I posted a story on him during camp and he talked about how frustrated he was with different things. He certainly has struggled

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick What do you think of the two new commits?

kingkeggel i have never heard of Jameson Wright, but Manasseh Garner is a quality athlete plus he is from pennsylvania

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I have heard minimal things about Wright. Scout's Mike Bakus has talked to him a bunch and broke the story. Up until last week, we didn't have a picture of him, but we have plenty of video.

kingkeggel he doesnt have great listed speed

panama74 is he more likely to play safety or corner?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He can play both, kind of like southward, so wherever the coaches want to stick him

kingkeggel Not quite the athlete that southward is though

panama74 not many are :)

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick ain't that the truth, and he's only been playing football for a little over a year

kingkeggel well, this class is shaping up pretty good

The5thQuarter so what did everyone think about the story on Grimes? I was excited when he let me know he got the offer

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick i was excited about it. I thought UW was foolish to not offer him sooner

The5thQuarter I think it shows the 2 of them that they are serious about both. Not offering the more highly ranked one on a whim

kingkeggel if they do a package deal that would put uw first for both

panama74 do you know what ever happened to dale martin?

panama74 bolingbrook rb before smith

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick he went to louisville

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick that's the last i heard of him

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick chryst and settle were really looking forward to having smith in the lineup

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick which obviously hasn't happened yet

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick they wanted that change of speed in the lineup

panama74 ok can i have a quick history lesson about the whole

badgermaniac/badgernation thing? did they combine or what?

badgermaniac Here is the short version. About 1998 or so, I started the badgermaniac site on geocities. over the years, it grew into some time later, rivals and scout started making me offers, but i didn't think the time was right. after a few years, i figured that combining the most popular message board (mine) with jon linder's coverage (badgernation) would be the best thing for badger fans. so, i turned down rivals and went with scout.

panama74 makes sense

badgermaniac that was 4-5 years ago now.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick i hope i am doing well in linder's footsteps maniac

badgermaniac after some rough (to be kind) times with the publisher that followed linder, here i am with ben.

badgermaniac wisconsin is a tough market though, for a variety of reasons.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick i'm glad to be here, while he wasn't

badgermaniac one thing that is tough is that bielema is MUCH more close to the vest than Alvarez was. with alvarez, there were always lots of insider things floating around. bielema doesn't say as much to his barber, while golfing, and so forth. great/unique content is harder to find.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick true, which makes my job fun

panama74 in the last 10ish years who has been the most disappointing recruit to you guys?

panama74 as in your expectations vs. end results

badgermaniac hard for me to answer because i really don't try to have many preconceptions about recruits. i try to judge them once they see the field. let me think for a sec though … i will come up with someone.

badgermaniac darius jones was somewhat disappointing. he was ok, but nowhere near the hype. jones was a 5-star LB from beloit. he started at LB but struggled, eventually moved to DL where he was a part time starter.

panama74 what years?

badgermaniac early 00's

Badgermaniac josh jakubowski was supposed to be a stud OT. He was a bust.

panama74 right at the beginning of my fan hood

Badgermaniac reggie torian was a tremendous athlete who showed flashes, but never developed as a FB player.

badgermaniac before your time but they had a QB from illinois named mark zanders that was supposed to be terrific....another bust.

badgermaniac Bryan Savage would fit here as well.

badgermaniac they have lost some guys to injuries over the years...hoey, terry stephan, justin ostrowski...those guys always hurt because there are often signs that they can play

badgermaniac johnny sylvain was highly touted..wasn't as good as nail in the coffin was the mary-jane.

badgermaniac stephon watson was supposed to be the big time safety that we needed....didn't work out

badgermaniac those are a few off the top of my head

Badger89 Goalie, Ben, you have probably seen Chris Borland the most though. He is probably pretty impressive huh?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick He was a stud throughout camp. I remember a play where he broke through the line, ran into clay and clay went down

Badger89 Awesome, great to hear

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick and borland held his ground, even more impressive

badgermaniac he has been very physical in games as well....reminds me of a young pete monty.

Badger89 So can you name all the true freshmen w/ their redshirts burned already?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick gilbert, borland, Frederick, appleton

badgermaniac Montee Ball has not played yet, but I would be surprised if he doesn't.

Badger89 Badgermaniac I blogged w/ Ben once a few weeks back and I and I believe he too thinks Ball should redshirt w/ the logjam at RB now

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick I just don't see the positives that can come out of it, especially for only five carries a game.

badgermaniac that may be correct, but i have heard the coaches mention many times that they plan on playing him.

Badger89 Me either. Let him learn the playbook, focus on school, get bigger and faster for next year

badgermaniac i have not seen him, so maybe ben can comment, but i have heard that he is very mature physically.

panama74 any idea why?

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick ball is a built like clay only smaller

Badger89 Man I agree w/ Ben, five carries a game just isn't worth burning the redshirt

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick clay, brown and smith and then ball

Badger89 Isn't it Smith from Bolingbrook? I mean he would probably get about that many carries this season.

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick he is from Bolingbrook. A real solid, quick athlete when he gets to the corner.

Badger89 Technically, Brown and then Clay but we have conversed on that too. I hope Smith can get some more carries to see what he can do

GoalieSieveGopherOnAStick i hope anybody from the running game can make an impact. Three ho hum weeks isn't going to cut it in the big ten

badgermaniac you always need 3 tailbacks ready to go. injuries are very likely to happen at some point. just thinking out loud here, but if they feel that ball may be better than smith (very different backs as ben noted), they may want him ready if they have to use him.

panama74 since I dont really see erik smith or jeff lewis being starting caliber backs, ball could potentially start his last three years if he redshirts this year

badgermaniac while that is true, i think most coaches don't worry about 2-3 years down the road. they need to think about doing everything they can do to win now. if they feel that ball might help them somewhere NOW, they will play him.

Badger89 True BManiac you are correct but IMO is would seem not enough bang w/ the logjam to waste a year

badgermaniac i worry more about getting the injured OL back and getting things straightened out. once nagy, moffit, and frederick are back, i suspect you are going to see some juggling to form what becomes the"final" OL in big ten play. i don't think we have seen that yet.

badgermaniac like i said, that may be true, but it isn't how most coaches think (in my experiences)

Badger89 Yes, w/ all the talent on the O line it certainly has not gelled yet and that concerns me for the big ten

badgermaniac they have been playing some guys that are limited (bscherer) and/or just very young (zeitler and frederick). i still think they will be pretty good. i heard a lot of good spring reports about them. we just haven't seen their best line yet IMO.

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