Blue Opens Up About Decision

A long ordeal is over and in the end, Vander Blue has taken the Marquette-Wisconsin rivalry to a whole new level, as the once UW recruit decided Sunday to commit to the Golden Eagles. Blue talked candidly to Badger Nation about his tough decision, de-committing from Wisconsin and his future at Marquette.

Badger Nation: It's been a whirlwind recruitment for you Vander, and now you've finally made a decision that you are comfortable with. Can you talk about how relieved you are that your decision is over?

Vander Blue: It was a tough decision and I am so glad that it is over with. It has been a long, long process. A lot of long nights, a lot of confusion. I am so glad that I came to a conclusion. I followed my heart and I feel that I am comfortable with my college career with Buzz Williams and the Marquette Golden Eagles.

BN: What sealed the deal for you Vander? What was it that pushed Marquette to the top and made them a little bit more attractive than your home-town Wisconsin?

Blue: It was probably the history of the style of play, knowing that Marquette being an up-and-down team and them playing real fast, and the Big East conference really separated them. The Big East is a great league, and the academics course work that Marquette has impressed me, too. I think the Big East conference really sealed it because I always wanted to play in the Big East. They are the best conference in the country, so that sealed it for me, too.

BN: You mention the up-tempo style. Is that one of things that made you reopen your commitment because the tempo wasn't what you were used to at Wisconsin?

Blue: That's one of the big reasons. That and I was so young when I made the decision. I was 15, I was a sophomore and I hadn't gotten into the limelight. I didn't realize how important college stuff was. I didn't know what my career would turn out to be. This whole recruiting process made me realize what I wanted to do.

BN: How hard was it for you to call Coach Ryan and Coach Moore and tell them of your decision?

Blue: I have spoken with them and it was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do. Being 17 years old, being a grown man, I can't do something they were really hoping or expecting me to do. It's like Duke and North Carolina. I committed to North Carolina, and then I turn out and commit to Duke. It was tough, really tough, but just something I had to do. I can't really explain, but I had to go with my heart.

It's where I wanted to be. My mom can still come see me play whenever she wants me to, I have a lot of family in Milwaukee and there is just a lot of support for me to get to do what I want to do.

BN: Talk about playing with your buddy Jeronne Maymon? You guys had so much success with Madison Memorial last season and now you will get the chance to play with him for three to four more years.

Blue: We've been playing together since I was in third grade and he was in fourth. This really isn't nothing knew, but it's a really big plus because he's going to be there for a year and know what to expect. I know he's going to make sure I take care of my business and take me under his wing. We push each other to become better and it's going to be good because we're going to make each other work that much harder because we know what each other can do. We're not going to slack off. It's going to be a great situation.

BN: You're obviously done a lot of good things in your high school career to put you in the situation you are in, but what is your main goal for your senior year that you want to improve on before making the leap to the college game?

Blue: Just becoming more of a leader and making sure that I get it in my head that I have to play hard every single play. I can't take any plays off because I know I won't be able to do that in college. I have got to get out of the habit of doing that. After that, I feel my game would be pretty much solid, but I've got to get better every day. That's the bottom line.

BN: What do you think it's going to be like that first time you step out on to the court and the team you are playing is the Badgers?

Blue: Wow, that's going to be a fun game. There's going to be a lot, a lot, a lot of emotions going on in me. That's something I am looking forward to, and probably the first time I am going to feel it. My freshman year, we play Wisconsin at Marquette, so that won't be too bad. My sophomore year, we come to Madison and that's when I think I am going to really feel it.

I'll just have to elevate my game to another level and play them like any other team.

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