Badger Recruiting Q&A

With Wisconsin getting four 2010 recruits from the east coast, it would appear that the Badgers are starting to re-develop a pipeline into the recruiting hot beds of Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bob Lichtenfels, who is Scout's East Regional Recruiting Manager, answers some questions about UW's East Coast recruiting.

Question No.1: Manessah Garner's film is real impressive. What have you seen from him in person (i.e. work ethic, hands, route running) that will make us Wisconsin fans excited about him?

Lichtenfels: Garner is a versatile athlete and due to the fact that he is still growing, I'm not certain what position he will end up at. I have seen him at quarterback, wide receiver, outside linebacker, defensive end, tight end, inside linebacker, so you never know with him. He doesn't get enough respect as an athlete in my opinion. This spring he was 6-2/200 and running a legit 4.5 that is big time. He plays in a city league, so most of the kids from that area are raw, so there is going to be a learning curve with him. He has tremendous hands and will do whatever is asked of him. His father is very active in his life and provides Ness will a valuable support system.

Question No.2: Garner looks to have gained a lot of weight since the start of junior season. Have you seen a big change in how he plays?

Lichtenfels: He has become bigger, stronger and faster. He plays the game a lot more physical now. He has done a lot of work in the weight room and with a local trainer Duane Brown working on his speed.

Question No.3: Can you give us an update on Sherad Cadogan? Any idea when he is going to make his decision and what position he projects at in college?

Lichtenfels: If I had to guess right now, I would say he is a slight lean towards Pittsburgh. I like him at defensive end. He could probably be a linebacker as well, but I think he starts out at defensive end.

Question No.4 Wisconsin already has verbal commits from two projected tight ends. Any idea if that is going to play a factor with Cadogan?

Lichtenfels: It could, but I think Cadogan will play defense.

Question No.5 What are Joe Brennan's strengths and weaknesses?

Lichtenfels: He fits the Wisconsin system well. He is an above average athlete who can make things happen in and out of the pocket. He has a very live arm and can make all the throws that he needs to. He is not a dual threat guy, but if forced to he can make plays on the run. He'll have to get used to reading through his progressions and making the right reads at the next level. The speed of the game is always the biggest obstacle for young quarterbacks.

Question No.6: How do you like the pick-up of Robby Havenstein and are you surprised he didn't stay on the east coast? Thanks!

Lichtenfels: He's a big pickup and pun intended. Any 6-8, 340-pound lineman can do a lot of good for a team. Penn State picked up another lineman, Khamrone Kolb, so I couldn't see them really taking anymore. Never say never in recruiting, but their class is about done. I'm not sure the Maryland staff if going to still be at Maryland at seasons end, so who know what will happen there. Any lineman is going to take a hard look at Wisconsin due to their tradition and history with putting guys in the league, a big factor, I think, for Havenstein.

Question No.7: What position does Frank Tamakloe project at for the Badgers? He seems pretty versatile that he could be either a cornerback or a safety.

Lichtenfels: He could play corner, but I think once he fills out he will make a bigger impact as a safety. He is a physical kid that is a ball hawk in the middle.

Question No.8: From Scout's database, it seems the Badgers have already offered a couple 2011 prospects, including Tamkloe's teammate Vincent Croce. Do you know anything about him and if UW has a chance?

Lichtenfels: There is a long way to go with the class of 2011 to say anyone is eliminated from anyone's list it is only October.

Question No.9: What players should we in the East be watching out for in next year's class?

Lichtenfels: There are too many to list to be honest with you. There is a lot of talent in fertile recruiting areas that Wisconsin recruits like western Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

Question No.10: What are your views of Wisconsin's recruiting class thus far? If you had to rank the Badgers in the Big Ten, where would you put them?

Lichtenfels: Penn State is running away from everyone in the Big Ten right now. Their class is unreal. I would put Wisconsin in the middle of the pack with Iowa and Minnesota right now. I really like what the Badgers have done on defense, they have some serious playmakers coming in like Konrad Zagzebski, Tamakloe and Garner to name a few.

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