Diverted, but not Deterred

Although 2011 wide receiver Quenton James missed out on his first chance to witness Wisconsin's game-day experience, the talented Iowa prospect plans on making a trip to Madison in the near future.

MADISON - Quenton James could not have been more excited to take his first trip up to Wisconsin and experienced what a game-day atmosphere is like in front of 80,000-plus fans.

Unfortunately for James, that experience will have to wait a little longer.

Due to unspecified conflicts, James missed the highly anticipated Iowa-Wisconsin match-up last weekend, but the 6-foot2, 160-pound wide receiver from Sioux City East (IA) is still planning on making the short trip to Madison.

"I talked to my Mom and Wisconsin is one of the schools I would like to visit," James told Badger Nation. "I really wanted to look at Wisconsin and see what it was like up there. I have been to Iowa and I wanted to experience something different, but I didn't have a chance to make it up there. Still, they are one of my top five schools I would like to visit."

Along with Iowa, Iowa State and Wisconsin, James wants to visit Kansas State and Nebraska, two schools that caught his eye from watching games at home.

"On television, the atmosphere is really impressive," James said. "Basically, that's what makes me like those schools."

James has no offers this early in the process, but the duel Iowa State-Iowa fan has been getting a bunch of mail from both in-state schools.

"Iowa's pretty much has been the school that's popped out to me," James said. "I get a lot of mail from ISU and Iowa. I get letters from (Iowa assistant coach) Reese Morgan that tell me to pick Iowa."

A first team All-State player, James caught 63 passes for 892 yards and a state-leading 11 touchdowns his sophomore season.

"I run really good routes and I am able to get open, even if two guys are on me," James said. "I try to find a way to get open and catch the ball every play. I have always been like that. It started when I was younger. People always asked me, ‘Why don't you just get tackled?' Well, I don't like to, so it has become an instinct."

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