Red and White Observations

Although the white squad, led by a game-high 13 points from Keaton Nankivil, won a 45-36 decision over the red team, the estimated 4,200 Badgers fans in attendance have to be exciting about some of the role players expecting to contribute to Wisconsin this season.

MADISON - The annual Red and White Scrimmage was held Sunday evening at the Kohl center and featured guest coaches, professional Madison-area golfers Andy North and Steve Stricker. The scrimmage gave fans an opportunity to assess the 2009-2010 Badger men's basketball team, especially with the turmoil that has surrounded the Badgers recently in losing two incoming freshmen for disciplinary reasons and losing out on the Vander Blue sweepstakes.

In the past, the Red and White Scrimmage has always been a great opportunity for fans to gain enthusiasm towards the upcoming season and check out what progress the team has made during the off-season. The event typically includes a creative introduction involving the players and coaches, a three-point contest, a dunk contest and an intra-squad scrimmage. This year the Scrimmage appeared to deviate from this blueprint. This year's Red and White Scrimmage featured no creative introductions, no dunk contest and no three-point contest, leaving only the intra-squad scrimmage. Similarly, Head Coach Bo Ryan in the past has spoken to the crowd and done something to fire up the fans; however, this year Ryan was simply a bystander and his face was noticeably absent.

Despite the removal of the special effects and fireworks that fans have become accustomed to, the Red and White Scrimmage still provided fans with an opportunity to watch the Badger players perform.


Trevon Hughes

Offensively: Same strong handle as always, shot looked good as well and continued to be the quickest and strongest player with the ball, got into the lane at will. He finished with five points, four assists and three turnovers.

Defensively: Strong on ball defense as expected, got up for rebounds and read the passing lanes well.

Overall: We can continue to expect more of the same from Hughes this year; strong on ball defense, excellent anticipation in the passing lines, good open jump shot and an ability to get into the lane and create on offense. What remains uncertain is whether or not his teammates can shoulder more of the scoring and allow him to focus on being a playmaker.

Jason Bohannon

Offensively: Shot looked sound as expected, attempted to attack the basket but still lacked the ability to turn the corner, passed well and appeared to have added some additional dribble moves to his repertoire. He finished with 10 points on 4-of-10 shooting, including 2-of-3 from three-point range.

Defensively: Nothing really stood out one way or another, continued to position his body well on rebounds.

Overall: Bohannon is one of the keys to the Badgers offense, if he can get into the lane and be more decisive with the ball, the Badgers will have a player on the wing capable of attacking the middle of the paint, something they sorely missed last year.


Jon Leuer

Offensively: Strong post moves, nice touch, didn't shoot all that well (2-of-12 for five points) and was not as aggressive as he will most likely be during the year.

Defensively: Got dunked on pretty bad by Ryan Evans and other than that simply did nothing to stand out.

Overall: Leuer is a player that many people are touting as the next Badger to break out and I can definitely see the origins of these predictions. Leuer possesses a unique skill set and presents a mismatch for nearly anyone guarding him. The key will be for the Badgers to continually go to him in the mid range so that he has the ability to either take is man to the hoop or shoot over him. Additionally, for Leuer to truly be the mismatch he is capable of being, he must rediscover his outside touch.

Keaton Nankivil

Offensively: Looked explosive, good shot and quicker release, nice post moves and increased aggressiveness in pick and pop situations. Statistically, Nankivil was the best player, scoring 13 points on 5-of-8 shooting, grabbed seven rebounds, a block and a steal.

Defensively: Rebounded well and played good position defense against bigger offensive players.

Overall: Nankivil, along with Leuer, can really give defenses headaches and provide the Badgers with a great inside/outside combination. The key for Nankivil is simply being more aggressive. He is blessed with a lot of natural ability, but he needs to remain confident in his shot and realize that with Landry and Krabbenhoft gone, he is one of the go-to guys.

Tim Jarmusz

Offensively: Had his shot blocked twice by Evans and appeared a bit indecisive, but also showed nice touch on a shot in the paint and knocked down a three.

Defensively: Also did not do anything that caught my attention in either a negative or positive manner.

Overall: Jarmusz will most likely be the starting small forward this year and the Badgers will count on him to probably guard the other teams best wing player. He'll be a role player on offense who is expected to knock down open shots.

J.P. Gavinksi

Offensively: Had a nice three-point play, but also had trouble handling/catching the ball and getting open in the post.

Defensively: Obviously a big presence, but does not have the lateral foot speed to alter many shots.

Overall: Will most likely not see significant playing time.

Brett Valentyn

Offensively: Sound with the ball, good shot, but did not have much of an impact, as he was the only player that did not score.

Defensively: Although he played 16 minutes, Valentyn did not have much of an impact.

Overall: Will most likely not see significant playing time.

Wquinton Smith

Offensively: Good at attacking the basket and getting into the paint, physical frame allows him to absorb contact.

Defensively: Aggressive on ball defender.

Overall: Will most likely not see significant playing time, although he showed that he has some talent.


Jordan Taylor

Offensively: Solid handle, directs the offense with precision and efficiency, although his shot was a bit off. Taylor finished 2-of-9 and committed three fouls, more than any other player.

Defensively: Good on ball defender, capable of anticipating the passing lanes.

Overall: Will be the backup point guard and most likely sixth man, solid player who will provide intensity and playmaking ability off the bench.

Rob Wilson

Offensively: One of the best athletes on the team, good looking shot from the perimeter and can finish strong at the rim. He finished with a team-high 10 points.

Defensively: Good lateral quickness and athleticism allow him to cut off players looking to attack the basket while also using his length to contest jump shots.

Overall: Will also see significant playing time as the primary backup wing if he does not end up starting at small forward. Wilson provides the Badgers with an athlete on the wing and someone who has a chance to surprise a lot of people with his play on both ends of the floor.

Ian Markoff

Offensively: Huge, couple nice post moves, but limited athletically and in the quickness department.

Defensively: Big body that can clog the lane.

Overall: May see some minutes off the bench in order to provide the Badgers with a big guy who can bang down low. Otherwise, does not appear poised for significant playing time.


Jared Berggren

Offensively: Nice post moves, moved well up and down the court, soft touch around the hoop.

Defensively: Rebounded well and was pretty agile, but still need to get more physical.

Overall: Will probably be the first big man off the bench and could provide the Badgers with a true post presence. Berggren appears to have low post scoring ability and good body control for a big man, but will need to be more physical in the paint in order to provide a defensive presence around the rim.

Ryan Evans

Offensively: Still polishing his offensive game, but the explosiveness and excitement is definitely there. Provided the only two dunks of the evening and threw one down emphatically over Leuer. Does not have a great handle or a smooth jump shot yet but certainly is capable of finishing in the paint and above the rim.

Defensively: Very good leaping ability and outstanding length allows him to contest and block both jump shots and shot attempts around the rim. Also has a strong frame and good body control allowing him to guard a variety of players.

Overall: A bit of an unknown after signing late and redshirting last year, Evans is probably the most explosive athlete on the team and could have an impact off the bench as a defensive stopper. Also, if he can improve his handle, Evans could provide someone who can attack the paint/rim from the perimeter.

Mike Bruesewitz

Offensively: Finished well around the rim and ran the floor effectively in his first contest.

Defensively: Good rebounder, has a solid frame and strength, ala Joe Krabbenhoft

Overall: Is in the mix for some minutes at either of the forward spots off of the bench.

Dan Fahey

Offensively: Did not do anything that caught my eye, but did not appear intimidated in his first real action in front of fans and finished his only shot around the rim.

Defensively: Looked intense, but also did not do anything that jumped out at me.

Overall: Will most likely not see significant playing time.

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