Kaye Fired Up About Thomas Commitment

Danny Kaye and Joe Thomas have a relationship that dates back to fifth grade, when they met on a basketball court in a battle of the elementary school giants in Waukesha. Now the two will sign letters-of-intent for Wisconsin and become roommates next year.

Danny Kaye and Joe Thomas have known each other since their first battle of the big men seven years ago. Kaye, who was nearly six-feet tall in fifth grade, had never met anyone his age that matched his size.

His first run-in with Thomas came in a Waukesha County League battle at Horning Middle School, as Kaye's Eisenhower Lions collided with a Thomas-led dynasty, the Brookfield Magic.

"It was crazy. He was the only kid I had seen my age that was my size," Kaye said. "We were terrible back then. His team killed my team by about 40 points," Kaye said. "Joe's team went undefeated from fifth grade through eighth grade. We came real close in eighth grade, a 10-point loss. At that time, a 10-point loss to the Brookfield Magic was a moral victory."

Kaye and Thomas find it amusing to think what started as a battle of the giants in elementary school has developed into a budding friendship that will continue in Madison. The two have asked and been granted permission by the UW coaching staff to be roommates as freshmen next season.

"We were kind of rivals for a while, but in time we became good friends," Kaye said. "We made a deal when all this recruiting started that if we both ended up at the same school, that we'd be roommates."

The two Wisconsin blue-chippers plan to move to Madison in late June to begin summer workouts and prepare for their freshmen season.

Kaye is just thrilled Thomas decided to be a Badger. Last night, they discussed holding a joint press conference on Signing Day to officially sign their letter-of-intents. But the logistics couldn't be worked out in time (Kaye will sign his letter at 8 a.m. Wednesday morning).

"We were thinking of doing it together, but it's too late to plan that now," Kaye said. "I told him we had lots of time to plan it, but he waited too long to make the obvious choice…but we're both really excited. I can't wait."

Kaye is going through football withdrawal, just like every other college football fan. He has dealt with it by playing with the Badgers on NCAA Football 2003 for Playstation 2.

"I'm in my third year of the dynasty," Kaye said. "Anthony Davis just won the Heisman his senior year."

In an interview for Badger Nation's upcoming Recruiting Yearbook, Kaye revealed he will start his freshman season as an offensive tackle, as expected. There was early speculation that Kaye would start at tight end, and be moved to offensive line if need be. But Kaye has talked with Offensive Line Coach Jim Hueber and Coach Barry Alvarez, and plans on starting his college career as an offensive tackle.

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