Indiana Post Game - Bret Bielema

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema addresses the media after the Badgers beat the Hoosiers, 31-28, giving UW its seventh win of the season and its second road win in three tries.

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema -

partial transcript

Opening Statement

"I thought our guys, during the course of the week, prepared the right way. I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those where it was a four quarter game and we would have to hang on and do what we did. Unfortunately, when you get those feelings as a head coach, you try to do everything you can to make sure it doesn't come to truth. But Indiana's a very good football team, who has suffered some very close losses. Coach (Bill) Lynch is a tremendous football coach and their kids play hard. I knew when I was watching the film, and I told our coaches, a lot of times when you see teams in these situations, things just don't go well, but their kids play hard for four quarters every game. I can't say enough about the effort by Indiana.

"Our kids did enough to win. John Clay, in the first half, was a machine. Unfortunately, he got a slight concussion so he missed the second half. Ball was kind of like the energizer bunny. Every time he got a rep he just kept grinning, smiling, and gaining momentum. Zach Brown went in and did some good things. Probably the play of the day was the play at the end, where I thought it was critical to get the throw to Nick Toon. We thought we'd get the one-on-one coverage. Big time throw, big time catch, big time call."

On the effect of the wind

"The wind was really tough. You saw the first play of the game. In combination of that, the way it played out was that the sun was on that far end zone. That's probably why they picked that end zone to warm up in, so we never got to work full length kicks with the sun in our eyes. That look that David got, and then obviously the punt was the same deal. He said he was putting the shield up and couldn't get it. That was a combination of the wind and the sun. Philip Welch did a great job. He's kicking dead into the wind on that last kickoff there, and put it three or four yards deep and got the touchback."

On the difference in the offense after the first half

"I think the success on first down had a little bit to do with it. We weren't able to convert on third. Our offense, because of what we do, we need to have good conversion on first down. We've got to gain four or more yards. Bottom line, we weren't able to close out on third down the way we had in the first half to keep the chains moving. Give credit to Indiana for being able to do that."

On the Indiana passing game

"First off, don't take anything away from what they did. Their quarterback was on, they saw some things in the deep dig game. I know we tried to emphasize not giving up the deep ball, and then we gave up some intermediate digs. I thought our pass rush was good, but we obviously need to apply more pressure and get more guys rolling through there. I thought our defense did what they had to do to win today. In my opinion, that's one of the best offenses in the league."

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