Badger Nation's Five Keys to Victory

Badger Nation's Brad Fedie takes his look at the Five Keys to Victory against the Michigan Wolverines, which would give the Badgers a 6-1 record at home for the 2009 season and eclipse last season's win total.

1, Don't stop ... ever

After last year, the Badgers should have one thought in mind: Do not stop putting up points. Who cares if you are up 19 at the half and completely dominating the game. A big blowout might do wonders for the Badgers slim but still there BCS hopes. Getting ahead of Penn State and the Iowa/OSU loser in the human polls will be key.

2, Force-ier Mistakes

Michigan has been fairly awful on the turnover front, with 22 total for an average of over two per game. The Badgers have been pretty opportunistic this season, forcing 22 turnovers of their own (in one less game no less). If the Badgers can get quarterback Tate Forcier, one of the bright spots of Michigan's turnover-prone team with only five interceptions thrown, to make a few mistakes, then the Badgers will have no problem getting the rest of the Wolverine squad to follow suit.

3, It's a crowded backfield, Carlos Brown

The starter at running back in the Michigan opener now is third on the team with 79 carries. With Brandon Minor back from injury and with Rich Rod's ‘run and run and every once in a while gun' system, seven players have amassed over 100 yards rushing on the season, with five over 200. The Badgers have gotten better and better at stopping the run. They ran into a better running quarterback in Terrell Pryor and shut him down. If the Badgers can stop the run game, key No.2 looks all the more probable.

4, Some hot Graham-on-Graham action?

One of the few bright spots on a troubled Michigan defense is senior defensive end Brandon Graham. Graham trails only O'Brien Schofield in the Big Ten in tackles for loss (17) and is fifth in sacks (6.5). Wisconsin might need help from the tight ends to keep Graham from tearing Scott Tolzien's head clear off. The big question: Will that include Garrett Graham? Minor injuries keep nagging at Garrett and since the Badgers probably don't need him, it will be interesting to see how much he plays.

5, Stonewall Stonum

Just when you thought you were in the clear, dodging the top return man in the Big Ten last week, in comes Michigan return man Darryl Stonum. We know from last week's column that Ray Fisher was top dog. Number two? I'll give you three guesses. If you said David Gilreath, leave and never return. If you said Stonum, you are a true master of the context clue. Stonum has returned one for 94 yards and a score, and has an average of 26.8 yards per carry. Man up special teams, man up.

Bonus fact:

Out of the top 10 leaders in total points, only John Clay (4th) is not a kicker.

Bonus fact from the bonus fact:

Philip Welch is 2nd on the list and tied for first in points per game (7.6).

Fearless Prediction:

Revenge is a dish best served cold. This should be a good game for Wisconsin, seeing as Michigan's strength (run offense) lines up with the Badgers defensive strength (vs the run). Add that to Michigan's poor defense and bottom of the Big Ten -.90 turnover margin and that equals a good senior day for the cardinal and white.

Wisconsin 38, Michigan 13

Fearless Fedie: 8-1

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