Barry Alvarez' First Comments

Coach Barry Alvarez' opening statement from the 2003 Football Signing Day Press Conference, and some news on tonight's chat at 8:30 p.m. CST.

For all of the latest news from 2003 Signing Day and the press conference, please join us for our Badger Nation chat at 8:30 p.m. CST. We will be joined by offensive line commit Danny Kaye, defensive back commit Johnny White and Midwest Recruiting Expert Chris Pool.

Here is Coach Barry Alvarez' opening statement from his press conference this afternoon. We will have much more reaction on this site in the near future and detailed coverage in our upcoming recruiting yearbook.

"These days used to be really exciting, because it was the first time for anyone to see the names or watch clips of our signees. But as it goes anymore, there is a running account every day and we couldn't even sneak anybody in on you today, although we tried.

But anyhow, I really liked this class. It meets our needs. As you watch the clips, it appears as though it's a very athletic class and I think the players that we signed are good fits for our program. I particularly like the in-state players. I think it was especially good quality of player that we got out-of-state.

Our five signees and number of quality walk-ons who indicated (their commitment) and signed release forms…just for your information, on a walk-on, if they are admitted to school and sign a release form, we can release them with the signees. We have some indications that some others are going to come, but either we haven't received the release form or their transcript hasn't been processed yet. So just so you understand why some were released and some won't be released, and I can't comment on the ones that haven't been released.

Again this year, we have players from around the country. We have nine different states represented in the signing class. I think that bodes well as far as opening new areas. Our program is recognized around the country and we seem to be able to get an audience wherever we go so I feel very good about that. The majority of this class has qualified academically already. We do have to wait for improved test scores on a couple of players and we feel very confident that will happen in the near future. But that's where they stand as of right now."

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