UW Provides Another Option for Trotter

Taking his official visit to Wisconsin this past weekend, Marcus Trotter was hoping he would get a scholarship offer from head coach Bret Bielema so he could join his brother in Madison. What he got wasn't exactly what he was hoping for, but what he got seems good enough, for now, for the senior linebacker from Milwaukee Marquette, although he is still looking.

MADISON – Although he plays for a high school called Marquette, don't think for a second that Milwaukee Marquette linebacker Marcus Trotter is a fan of the Golden Eagles.

Taking his official visit to Madison this past weekend, there was no doubt at what school the 6-foot-1 prospect was cheering for and against.

"I really dislike the university," Trotter told Badger Nation Sunday with a laugh. "I don't know why, but I am not a big fan of Marquette athletics. I was rooting for Wisconsin the whole game."

"I loved the basketball game and the great atmosphere. It reminded me of the football game. The school really focused on academics and athletics and I think that's a great combination."

It's good he's a fan of the University of Wisconsin, especially since it's a real possibility that he could join his brother, Michael Trotter, as he was offered a grey shirt option by UW coach Bret Bielema to play fullback and a minimum of three years on scholarship.

"I appreciate the offer, but I still feel that it's in the best interest for me to go to a school as a middle linebacker (with a full ride)," Trotter said. "A lot of other schools have been in contact with me about playing the position and I am interested. I just want to keep looking and find what fits best for me and my future."

The only caveat for Trotter is the offer isn't for linebacker, where he led Milwaukee Marquette to a WIAA Division 1 State Championship last month and finished the year with a team-best 138 tackles, nine sacks, three interceptions and two forced fumbles. With UW is desperate need of a fullback, Bielema told Trotter before Saturday's basketball game that Marcus is going to be the prime candidate for UW's vacant fullback position.

"The meeting went well and they told me about the situation that they don't have many fullbacks. A lot of guys are hurt and they really don't have the fullback that they need and that it's hard to recruit the guy that they need. Coach Bielema has a good record of changing people to different positions and it's amazing the results they have produced."

"They've watched a lot of film on me and said that they like that I am quick, I can take on blocks or am quick to run in the flat to catch passes or run the football for short yardage conversions. Coach said I reminded him a lot of Bill Rentmeester."

Having never played fullback, Trotter admitted that it could be a challenging transition, but Bielema said that Trotter's abilities could yield him early playing time as early as his freshman or his redshirt freshman year, a redshirt Trotter probably would take if and when he comes to Wisconsin.

Trotter fell victim to UW getting commitments from three talented linebackers – Ohio natives Cody Byers, Josh Harrison and Cameron Ontko.

"I asked him why they recruited me at fullback instead of linebacker and he told me that I was a really good linebacker, but he was considered with my range to get from sideline-to-sideline and he got commitments from linebacker that were a little smaller, faster and quicker," Trotter said. "He was very honest and is expecting me to be at second-string fullback and get some reps. He thinks I can really step up and he really wants me to come."

The gray shirt offer is exciting for Trotter, but the chance for the offer to grow into a full ride is a real possibility.

"Bielema told me that they are in need of some offensive and defensive linemen and that's why I can't have a full offer right now," Trotter said. "They are going out of the way to try and get some good guys and some other positions. I understand the position and he went out of his way to offer me a scholarship. He could have told me just to walk on, but he really wants me in his program and offered me something a lot of people don't get."

"He mentioned I could get an offer after signing day because there is a possibility that some players might leave or fail academically. All I know is that I have three years of scholarship and if I am playing on special teams, I'll get a scholarship, too. If I can contribute on special teams my freshman year, I'll get a scholarship all four years."

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