Game Day Grades - Cal Poly

With finals starting tomorrow for students at the University of Wisconsin, the Badgers men's basketball team earned a near-perfect 4.0 after a 48-point dismantling of Cal Poly Wednesday. Badger Nation's Ben Voelkel ranks the effort of Wisconsin.

MADISON - Finals season has descended on the UW campus. The Badgers had a test Wednesday night (there was no fill-in-the-blank section) and they passed it with flying colors. Almost aced it. Here's the grades from UW's 90-42 win over Cal Poly.

Offense: A

The Badgers scored like they were playing Pop-A-Shot in the first half: Fifty-one points in a half for the first time since 2006, three guys in double figures, a ridiculous 1.5 points per possession and 12 assists on 18 made baskets.

Things got a little ugly in the later stages of the second half, but that is going to be the case when the scout team is running the show.

Defense: A

Hard to argue against the stingiest defensive effort since UW beat Florida A&M 88-40 back in 2007. Cal Poly had just 19 points at the break, which is actually kind of remarkable considering the Mustangs had just six 12 minutes into the game. The only area of any concern would be Cal Poly's 22 points in the paint even though Wisconsin had a decided size advantage. The Badgers made up for it by grabbing 24 of 30 missed Cal Poly shots.

Coaching: Incomplete

We could go ahead and give Bo and the coaching staff an A, but let's be honest: The Badgers would've won if my nine-year-old cousin was in a suit on the sidelines. And his offense would revolve around behind-the-back ally-oops and half-courters (I was open!).

So while the 48-point win looks nice and pretty, Wisconsin's coaching acumen never really was tested.

Game Ball: Trevon Hughes had 11 points in the first seven minutes as UW raced out to a 14-point lead that would only grow. Hughes finished the night with 20 points, six rebounds and three assists and no turnovers.

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