Badgers to De-Emphasize West Coast

Wisconsin will de-emphasize recruiting the West Coast next year, focusing on the areas the Badgers have had the most success.

Wisconsin has developed quite a few pipelines nationwide during the Barry Alvarez Era. Aside from talent in-state and the surrounding states that the Badgers always recruit hard, UW has found success bringing players to Madison from New Jersey, Texas, Hawaii, Ohio and St. Louis among others.

But despite recruiting the state of California heavily over the years, the Badgers haven't had much success luring the top players on the West Coast to commit to Wisconsin.

The Badgers have recognized that fact, and will focus on their strengths next year. In an exclusive interview for the Badger Recruiting Yearbook, Administrative Assistant/Recruiting Coordinator Jeremy Sinz revealed several changes in how the Badger coaching staff will conduct its recruiting business next year.

"I think we're going to de-emphasize the West Coast. I don't know how much if any time we're going to spend out there," Sinz said. "(We'll focus) our efforts a little more working ourselves from Wisconsin, more heading south and east a little more."

The costs of recruiting the West Coast has not been justified with the returns. The UW staff believes it can convince players from the East Coast to head to Madison regularly, but that isn't the case with the top West Coast Talent. The Badgers can more wisely spend their money working the East Coast and the south even more.

"We've had some kids from the West Coast that have been very successful here. We have some guys in our program right now that are doing some good things from the West Coast. On average, we haven't been so successful," Sinz said.

A very informative five-page Q&A with Sinz is one highlight of our Badger Recruiting Yearbook, which promises to be our most popular issue of the year.

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