Avoiding the Big Change

Even with a change of schools and a change of scenery, junior forward Devon Hodges hasn't changed his verbal commitment to the University of Wisconsin's 2011 recruiting class.

MADISON - The Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball program has faced a bevy of ups and downs as they attempt to recruit and reload for the next few seasons. Despite both positive and negative occurrences and much greater hoopla than the Badgers are use to in terms of recruiting, one of the few constants has been versatile forward Devon Hodges.

Hodges is a long 6-7 forward from Illinois who committed to the Badgers his freshman year of high school. Now in his junior year, Hodges and his family recently moved and thus facilitated his transfer from Romeoville High School to Bolingbrook High and so far he is pleased with the way the season has gone as Bolingbrook is off to a 9-5 start.

"The season is going good," Hodges told Badger Nation Tuesday. "I'm getting used to the team and the way they play. They play at a faster pace. I recently transferred from Romeoville to their rival school Bolingbrook after my family and I moved. But yeah, no problems, everything is working out in school."

Hodges has big plans for his Bolingbrook squad and hopes to accomplish things that eluded him at Romeoville.

"For starters, I hope to win conference because at Romeoville I was never able to do that and winning conference and then state while still in high school is my dream."

Hodges is doing his part to contribute this season but recognizes that there are areas in which he can improve.

"I'm playing good," he said. "My last game I was a bit off but I have been playing well, getting a lot of rebounds. I am averaging 10 rebounds a game and about 12 points a game. I want to work on my outside game so that when I get back for next season. I will have an Evan Turner type game where I can go outside and handle the rock or shoot off the dribble as well."

As far as the Badgers are concerned, Hodges is intent on making it up for a game at the Kohl Center and has been catching up with as much Wisconsin basketball as his schedule will permit.

"I have been busy but I saw that last game when they beat the Boilermakers," he said. "I understand they've been doing really well this season and also that (Trevon) Hughes has been playing real well. I'm planning on going up there with my dad and my coach. My coach has been looking at our schedules to see if there is a day that there is a game and we don't have practice or a game because I definitely want to go up for a game."

Hodges also expressed his high regard for the coaching staff and the proximity of the Madison campus to his family.

"The thing that attracted me right off the bat was the campus and how close it is," Hodges said. "I can still see my family since the campus is only three hours away. I also like how they are a family up there. I talk to Coach Moore a lot and Coach Ryan is a great guy. They are always asking how my family and my little sister are doing."

Before Hodges gets to Madison, there are a few things that he wants to work on, a few things he feels he can already offer and a few things that he is looking forward to doing once he arrives on campus.

"I would say ball handling is the area I need to work on so that I can definitely get to the three position," he said. "My defense is my biggest strength. I have always been good at defense, blocking shots and getting rebounds but I have become more of a scorer since I have been in high school and the guys I'm around push me now to score the ball.

"When I get to Madison, I really want to be at the top of my game. It is always going to need work but I am looking to start at the three, four or five and show Coach Ryan and Coach Moore that they can put me at any position, one through five. I also want to be as strong as I can be and I know they will push me to be strong as well with their focus on weights."

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