A Linebacker at Heart

Milwaukee Marquette linebacker Marcus Trotter has a guaranteed three years on scholarship if he comes to Wisconsin to shore up the fullback position. The problem is that Trotter is still a linebacker at heart, which is why he is still open to other opportunities.

MADISON - When he received a partial scholarship offer on his official visit to come play Division 1 football at the University of Wisconsin, it was widely assumed that Marcus Trotter would be coming to Madison with the play-making skills that were essential to Milwaukee Marquette High School winning a state championship.

That was over a month ago, and Trotter is still looking for the right spot.

"I still have a wide range of places I can go and it's a lot of speculating," Trotter told Badger Nation Thursday. "A lot of schools have asked me to walk-on because they don't have any spots. A lot of people like my film, but a lot of schools I am talking to have already filled up. It is what it is, but there are still three weeks left."

As of now, Wisconsin is Trotter's only FBS opportunity, as he no longer has a scholarship offer from Indiana. If Trotter picks Wisconsin, he will sign a letter of acceptance that states, in writing, that he will be guaranteed three scholarship years by the university.

"I am very glad that having three years of scholarship is on paper, but I am still looking," Trotter said. "I really feel that I am a better player than what colleges are saying about me. I am just hoping that there's a college out there that is still looking for a linebacker and they come across me."

That situation is the sole reason for Trotter's dilemma. Does he goes to a FCS school to play linebacker, where he finished his season year with a team-best 138 tackles, nine sacks, three interceptions and two forced fumbles, or does he join his brother, Michael, to play at college football's highest level, only as a fullback.

"I feel as though my heart is at linebacker," Trotter said. "I really believe that and I talk to Coach Bielema a lot. He said that they are going to try me out at fullback because he really sees something in me to be a fullback. He told me that if it doesn't work out that I could switch back and play linebacker. They are basically recruiting me as an athlete. He thinks I could easily be second string my redshirt freshman year at fullback.

"Still, if you compare my tapes from my junior year to my senior year, I think my play speaks for itself," he added. "I really feel I keep improving each year. If I had a chance to play linebacker, I feel I would be really good for that school."

Trotter also has a third option – walk-on at a FBS school as a linebacker and potentially earn a scholarship that way. One option is the University of Minnesota, as Defensive Coordinator Kevin Cosgrove was so impressed with Trotter's film that the former Wisconsin coach made an in-home visit with him to discuss his options.

"He said flat out that I remind him of Donnell Thompson (UW letterwinner from 1996 to 99) and he thinks I can definitely play," Trotter said. "Coach said the only difference between me and Donnell is that I am two inches taller. He really feels that if I did pursue a walk on that I could definitely get a scholarship because they only have two Mike linebackers."

Other schools that have offered walk-on opportunities are Boston College, Colorado and Maryland, a place where Trotter camped at over the summer and a school that was limited with the amount of linebacker scholarships they could extend.

Although his brother and teammate, Cameron Botticelli, are heading to Madison, Trotter is still very much on the market. Continuing to call coaches, researching his options and waiting for the phone to ring, Trotter is still hoping his future shows him as a standout linebacker.

"I am really happy Wisconsin is giving me three years, but I would really like it if it was a full ride because I feel like I deserve it," Trotter said. "I am just hoping something happens. I am going to take my time and wait and see if there are de-commitments or if something happens."

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