Marcus Trotter talks about Wisconsin

His process took longer than he wanted and his number of offers was lower than he wanted, but Milwaukee Marquette linebacker Marcus Trotter has made his choice and is ready to prove his doubters wrong by trying to earn his spot as a Wisconsin linebacker.

MADISON – After a long, drawn-out recruitment process, middle linebacker Marcus Trotter finally has a school to call his own. More importantly, he has a place where he can start proving all the doubters wrong.

Before making his announcement known at Milwaukee Marquette's signing day, Trotter informed Badger Nation that he has made his final decision.

"I'm a Badger," Trotter said.

Trotter, a two-star linebacker by, deciding on a preferred walk-on offer (three years on scholarship) from Wisconsin over scholarship offers from Western Michigan, FCS school Wofford, and a preferred walk-on opportunity from Minnesota.

Trotter was a playmaker on defense all season for Milwaukee Marquette, finishing the year with a team-best 138 tackles, nine sacks, three interceptions and two forced fumbles.

Badger Nation caught up with Marcus Trotter to talk more about his decision and his future at Wisconsin

Badger Nation: You said that you came to your decision last night and you picked Wisconsin over offers from Wofford and Western Michigan and a walk-on to Minnesota. What tipped the scale for you in favor of the Badgers?

Marcus Trotter: I visited Minnesota over the weekend and I really liked it a lot. I was really considering going there and trying to make it. Somehow the coaches at Wisconsin found out about that and they called me to tell me again what the Badgers program is all about. I have a great relationship with them and after talking to them for a little bit, I took some time and really thought about where I wanted to go.

The recruiting process wasn't what I expected. I really thought I should have gotten some more offers than I did, but I have to respect it. I was faced with the reality of should I walk on to Wisconsin and get three years of scholarship or walk-on to Minnesota and try to get after it my first year. I was just thinking hard and reflecting and I really thought Wisconsin was the place for me. Thinking about getting a chance to put on that uniform on game day and experience that, that's when I knew that I wanted to play for Wisconsin. I still have time to prove everybody wrong.

BN: Is playing with a chip on your shoulder a good thing? It seems like you have your motivation.

Trotter: Yeah, playing with a chip is never a bad thing, unless it gets to your head. If you think that you are better, you have to work hard at it so you don't go in the wrong direction. If you work hard everyday, you can show the coaches and that's great. Even going to the Wisconsin camp my sophomore year, I was put with some of the seniors and the top recruits for one day. I was half the size of them, but I played with a chip on my shoulder and I definitely showed them who I was. I played with a chip at every camp to prove that I am just as good as anyone else out there.

BN: How much did your brother coming to Wisconsin effect your decision?

Trotter:You know, we are both individuals, but when it came down to it and I didn't have many options, I always had the dream that I wanted to play Big Ten football and experience that with my brother. That was a dream for me, and I am thankful that Wisconsin and Minnesota gave me that opportunity. I was just praying that I would make the right decision. Michael always told me that it was my decision and I can do whatever I want, but he still wanted me to come to Madison. The coaches would talk to him and he told the coaches that they didn't have to talk to me because I was already coming to Wisconsin.

Michael told me he had dreams before we were even getting recruited that we would play college football together at Wisconsin and doing well at Wisconsin. I was skeptical about because they were just dreams, but I guess they came true. We'll definitely have to see what happens and go into camp not expecting anything but working hard.

BN: Will you start at linebacker or fullback and do you have three years on scholarship guaranteed?

Trotter: For right now, I will be sure walking on my first year and the coaches want me to redshirt. So, I'll be paying for my redshirt year but if I contributing to the team during my redshirt freshman year, I'll be on a full ride. Otherwise, my scholarship will start my redshirt sophomore year. It's walking on for two years and then getting a scholarship.

It is in writing, which is a good thing, so it's guaranteed and that's what I signed today – a letter of acceptance and a personal letter from Coach Bielema saying he would give me a scholarship. It is official from what we are all concerned and no, I am not starting at fullback. They offered me that fullback job after my official visit and they could tell that I was not pleased at all. They are going to let me play at linebacker and if I am not contributing at linebacker after my third year, they are going to move me to whatever can help the team. They still really like me at fullback, but they are going to give me the chance at linebacker for a couple of years. There's some pressure on it, but I know I can do it. I am not going to think about it. I am just going to do it, and I'll be fine.

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