Indiana Post Game - Bo Ryan

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan addresses the media Thursday after the Badgers blow by Indiana in Bloomington.

Can you talk a little bit about the last three minutes of the first half? You made like five straight three-pointers and really got you going.

Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan: Well, a couple of them came off of opportunities. Second chance opportunities, or the ball moving here and then they rotated and we kicked it out. Keaton got two good looks. Jon got a good look. We're an opportunistic team. We didn't take that many threes because we were penetrating, our guards were doing a good job of attacking, and they were overplaying quite a bit on the outside. So you take what is available and I thought our guys made some pretty good decisions, considering it was a very physical game.

Did you like what you got out of that new starting line-up today?

Bo: Matchups against the other team. I like the results whenever we play like this. It doesn't matter who starts.

In the first half, it looked like Jon was pretty comfortable. Can you talk about Jon catching passes? It looked like he has a pretty good relationship with Keaton in the high-low.

Bo: He didn't catch all of them. Jon still has to work on his hand. He's gotta get that confidence back.

It's important when you are playing a struggling team, to kinda get up on them and not to let them back in the game, or any team that you play for that matter. Did you like the way they did that tonight?

Bo: Yeah, I can't say I'm unhappy if we are getting those kind of results. Defensively we tried to take certain things away from them. We did a decent job of that. We'll find a few things here, when we break this down. I thought for the most part, for 80 percent of the game we played well.

Your guys played right through the commotion following the technical pretty well.

Bo: Did you ever see an AAU tournament in Vegas or anything like that? Some of the stuff that goes on? Guys play right through that. You know I mean, distractions that way is a coach doing his thing and you just have to play. You can't worry about what's happening on the other sideline. Focus.

Four Big Ten road wins, is that a satisfying number?

Bo: No I just mentioned, you know, because we talked about that before, where they talk about our home record, but I would say I thought it was around four, whatever, wins per year on an average. I said any team that can do that in a conference, um, I think you would find very few teams, to average in an 8, 9, 10-year period, whatever, four more wins on the road in their league. Teams that can do that are normally pretty good.

Talk a little bit about Trevon. You guys got a lot of scoring early without Trevon. When you guys went on the 24-8 run, he seemed to ignite it.

Bo: He was opportunistic. He didn't force things. That shows his maturity. That shows where he is in his game right now. Other than a blip in the second half against Illinois, where he couldn't buy a shot, I think he's shot it pretty well and made pretty good decisions.

Can you kind feel for Tom Crean, what he's going through?

Bo: You know what, Tom and I talk away from here, or you know, away from the media. Anything I would say along those lines, I only coach one team. I can't speak for anyone else. I've got enough things to take care of.

How about your ball club though, the way they shot it tonight? You guys shot it well against Indiana the first time, but Indiana didn't play that well the first time. Tonight they had their hands in your faces and your guys were still making their shots.

Bo: Indiana is playing hard. I thought our guys were patient enough to get good looks. Ninety percent of our shots were pretty good shots. Because they were making it work either off the attack, off of pick and pops, pick and roll. Good use of the skip pass. Good use of drive and dish. We scored in a lot of different ways.

Are you where you want to be heading into the Big Ten Tournament and the NCAA Tournament with this ball club?

Bo: We're just trying to finish as high as we can in the Big Ten. I don't think they have awarded anything to anybody yet, so we're still battling in the Big Ten. That was always my goal from Day 1, trying to compete in the Big Ten at a high level. That's what we're trying to do.

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