Tokoto Takes in Wisconsin

After the coaching staff made the trip to visit him Saturday, Menomonee Falls sophomore J.P. Tokoto made another trip to Madison for a sporting event and spent time with the Wisconsin coaching staff after the Badgers' victory over Northwestern.

MADISON - Sophomore J.P. Tokoto and his Menomonee Falls teammates have officially wrapped up the Greater Metro Conference Title and Tokoto recently poured in 27 points and grabbed 19 rebounds as Falls prepares for the state tournament.

"JP and the team are very excited; they just clinched the conference championship against Tosa East," said Trevor Trimble, J.P.'s father. "They also just played Homestead and pulled out a tough game, very physical game, but they dug deep and were able to pull out a very tough win."

On the recruitment side of things, in addition to the previously reported scholarship offers, Kentucky has now entered the mix and offered Tokoto a scholarship. Despite offers from virtually every premier program in the country, Wisconsin remains undeterred and continues to recruit Tokoto hard.

"I would have to say the University of Wisconsin is the school that we have seen the most," Trimble said. "UNC has made it known that no one will recruit him harder than they will and Michigan State has said the same thing, but Coach Ryan and Coach Gard have hands down been the most visible to us."

Furthermore, Tokoto recently took in the Wisconsin versus Northwestern game and got a better feel for the facilities that UW has to offer.

"We were just there (UW) Sunday for the Northwestern game," Trimble said. "We took a tour again and saw the academic center, the strength and conditioning area, the weight room, the practice facility and spent some time with Coach Ryan after the game."

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