Two-Way Dominance

Toledo Catholic Central (OH) junior Chris Boles doesn't get pushed around very often, especially being a 315-pound force at offensive guard-defensive tackle. When it comes to his recruiting, Boles finally has something to be humbled by.

MADISON - At 6-foot-4 and 315 pounds, Chris Boles doesn't get surprised too easily.

A dominant two-way lineman for Central Catholic High in Toledo, Boles hardly lets anything get by him on the football field. So when he got an offer in the mail from the University of Wisconsin after little initial contact, the up-and-coming recruit was understandably taken aback.

"Coach Alexander had been by the school to evaluate me, but I was surprised by the offer," Boles said. "I was very surprised actually. He said that I have the intangibles to get a great Division 1 lineman, and that I fit in perfectly with what Wisconsin likes to do. He thinks I am a good kid and a great football player."

Offered as an offensive guard by the Badgers, Boles is sound on both sides of the football.

"To be a good offensive lineman, you have got to have the will to kill people," Boles said. "If you don't like ‘killing' people, then offensive line is not for you. On defense, you have to have the mindset that you aren't going to get blocked. You've got to fly for the ball."

Being a successful lineman on both sides of the ball, Boles has the forward thinking to quickly detect the move or blocking attempt his opposing lineman is going to do and vice versa.

"Once you get hit or whatever, you know pretty much what the rest of the game is going to be like," Boles said. "The first time you go against a guy and put him on his back, you know you're going to have a good day. But if you are going up against a guy that has good defensive moves, it makes me excited to step my game up."

Invited to but not attending the All-American Combine, Boles got his first offer from Toledo and have received subsequent offers from Boston College, Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Illinois and Ohio.

"It felt good to get the first offer, because the first offer makes you realize that those people, who need to win to protect their job, think that you can help their program and keep their job," Boles said. "That feels good to have that confidence put on me when someone offers you, believes in you and feels you can play Division 1 football."

Boles also has been getting interest from Michigan, his childhood favorite growing up. Boles traveled to Ann Arbor for Junior Day, getting a tour of school and football complex and getting a chance to speak with his position coach.

"Michigan is a school I would consider playing for," Boles said. "They are a very good school. I am just waiting for the offer, and then I would take more steps with them if I really want to."

Boles is planning another trip to Michigan and potentially a trip to Boston College, but is still sketching out his summer plans and determining his favorites.

"I really can't say what school is my favorite," Boles said. "Pretty much everybody is fair game right now. I just want some more offers, and get in the weight room a little more."

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