Spring Football Day Two - Bret Bielema

Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema likes the energy and the jump at certain positions from day to day two of the 2010 spring practice schedule, something he shared with the media after Monday's practice.

Wisconsin Head Coach Bret Bielema -

Opening Statement

Well, day two is always limited just because we are in helmets only. The guys are excited to get into work tomorrow and have an opportunity to put on the pads and see exactly where everybody is at. From an injury standpoint, we'll probably be just about what it is until after spring break. That's when we should start getting some of those other guys back – Moffitt, Davison – some guys that are just limited for the short term.

Full pads tomorrow?

We will go full pads tomorrow, yep.

Are you looking at Brooks Bollinger as a future quarterbacks coach possibly?

It was kind of neat. He and Don Davey were in town today, meeting with some different people. They are getting a group of football players together. Basically the football alumni, trying to do some neat things to raise money for the APC and some special projects.

Do you think it means something when they hear from guys like him?

As many guys as I can. I saw him hanging around so I figured he could hang around a little bit longer and I asked him if he could say a few things. The first thing he talked about was he went down to watch the bowl game and saw that live, first hand. How neat that is to see and team and come back … obviously he's very proud of what he did while he was here, but to be down there is awesome.

Along the lines of the quarterbacks, I know it's early, but how has Scott Tolzien looked?

Scott has looked OK. You can tell that … as good as he was before talking and communicating, he's correctly young players, especially at the tight end position with those guys. I think that's the part we're going to see more and more. Plus, he's got a little more zip on the ball now.

You see Jared Abbrederis running behind the defense, is he catching your eye?

He's caught my eye ever since last fall when he came into camp. He's a guy that I grabbed midway through the winter and said, "Hey, spend as much time as you can with Coach Alexander and learning the specifics of that position." Because he hasn't played it yet. He was a quarterback. He's really got gifted athleticism, he's got good hands, a great worker and he's fast. He ran great track times in high school. That knee is feeling pretty good and maybe kids aren't respecting him. I think after day two, they probably will, plus it's usually when (Jon) Budmayr is in there at quarterback.

It's only been two days, but have you liked the attitude and the work ethic?

I do. I thought yesterday, one of the things you really stress or like to see as a coach if teams that are talking. With these kinds of practices, you want to stress the fundamentals, you want to be great on your pre-snap keys and there is a lot of that going on. Then you work on the other part, but there's a huge jump from day one to day two in a lot of different positions. So, that's encouraging.

Where's Bill Nagy and his comeback?

You know, we are monitoring his reps because bottom line, he hasn't played football in so long that he's going to maybe feel things a little bit more than the other guys. He really felt good coming out of Saturday's practice. Sunday he got rest and today and Tuesday and next Monday and Tuesday are the only times where we are going back-to-back practices during spring ball. We really want to monitor him (and) guys like Bradie Ewing, just to make sure their rep counts are OK.

How do you like the transitions from guys like Kevin Claxton at linebacker?

Kevin Claxton and Kevin Rouse have jumped out. Both got hands on balls today. I think Kevin Rouse from yesterday to today, to me just watching it here live, made big improvements on breaks on the ball and where he needs to be. That's encouraging.

What do you think of Marcus Cromartie?

You know, Marcus is a work in progress. It's time. There are about 15 guys that I told that they need to do something or things are going to move beyond you. It's going to be interesting to see those guys when the pads show up.

Is Eric VandenHeuvel helping out?

Vandy, ever since he got done playing, has been great in the weight room. He doesn't help us on the field, but he's really engaged. Anytime you can get somebody like that in the weight room where the kids have to chance … ‘Hey, I remember him, he played here' and a little bit more position specific … it's great.

He's another guy. Him and Joe Stellemacher. Two most amazing stories. Both invited to the combine, both probably had for sure NFL contracts waiting for them as free agents. Vandy was probably going to get drafted but his experience here was so positive that he didn't want his last football memory to be negative. So he decided to forgo it.

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