Badgers NFL Combine Information

Information from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, courtesy of The Insiders' TFY NFL Draft Preview.

With the NFL Combine coming to a conclusion today, numerous reports are beginning to surface on how each player performed for the conglomerate of NFL scouts in Indianapolis.

According to a report in this morning's Wisconsin State Journal, Brooks Bollinger was very impressive, having "shocked" some NFL personnel.

Bollinger, who ran 40-times of 4.75 and 4.88, did not impress TFY Draft's Tony Pauline quite as much. Pauline had this to say in a report on the quarterbacks after yesterday's action:

"Dave Ragone aside, the quarterbacks were not impressive. Jason Gesser has no arm and it was evident, Brooks Bollinger proved he is not a pro-caliber quarterback while both Juston Wood and Josh Blankenship showed they had no reason to be here. Watching the later two throw, (both Blankenship and Wood were used as practice quarterbacks for both the running backs and tight ends so we saw them extensively) it was strange as to why these throwers were in Indianapolis and an invitation was not extended to Jason Thomas."

Jake Sprague weighed in at 274 pounds with a bodyfat percentage of 17.5, and performed 26 reps on the 225-pound bench press. But he did not run the 40 or perform the other events.

Much like Al and Ben Johnson, who interviewed with teams but sat out the combine with injuries, Sprague will perform on March 5 at UW's Pro Day at the McClain Center. Most of the Badgers invited to the Indianapolis combine over the past few years have elected to hold out for the UW Pro Day, competing in a familiar environment and allowing themselves more time to heal up from the season.

Jason Jowers did compete in a few events, running 40's of 5.45 and 5.34, with a 29.5 vertical leap.

B.J. Tucker will run this afternoon, trying to improve his draft stock with a display of his world-class speed and athleticism. Heading into the draft, Tucker was rated No. 18 among the cornerbacks according to This Report from Rams Nation's Barry Waller.

All of the Badger NFL hopefuls will show their stuff on March 5, one of the earliest Pro Days in the country. Here is a list of the various Pro Days across the country, compiled by The Insiders' TFY Draft Preview.

Collegiate Pro Workout Days

Texas Tech - Feb. 28

Fresno St. - March 4
Oklahoma - March 5
Temple - March 5
Wisconsin - March 5
Miami - March 6
Mississippi St. - March 6
N.C. St. - March 6
Southern Mississippi - March 6
Iowa - March 10
Kansas St. - March 10
Utah - March 10
Georgia - March 11
Hawaii - March 11
Nebraska - March 12
Stanford - March 12
Tennessee - March 12
USC - March 12
West Virginia - March 12
Alabama - March 13
Arizona - March 13
Colorado - March 13
Clemson - March 13
Oregon - March 13
Virginia Tech - March 13
Michigan - March 14
LSU - March 16
Wake Forest - March 17
Michigan State - March 18
Mississippi - March 18
Florida - March 19
Florida St. - March 19
Notre Dame - March 19
Penn State - March 20
Arkansas St. - March 21
South Carolina - March 25
Arizona St. - March 26
Cincinnati - March 26
Western Kentucky - March 26

Note: Players with special injuries situations such as Marshall's Byron Leftwich will have different dates for their Pro Day.

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