The Glue Man

Played in all 13 games, Blake Sorensen has always been a versatile role player in the Wisconsin defense. Now entering his final season, Sorensen is poised to be the glue that holds the Badgers' defense together.

Badger Nation: What's it like being the senior linebacker that everybody looks up to now? It really puts into perspective how quick your career flies by.

Blake Sorensen: Yeah, it does go by quick. It's flown by. It's a lot of fun in the spring being an upperclassmen, lead the younger guys and see those guys grow. That's definitely something I have enjoyed.

Badger Nation: What young guys have you helped and what young guys have you been impressed with so far?

Blake Sorensen: The linebacker position – A.J. Fenton is a guy that keeps showing up through spring and even winter conditioning. Ethan Armstrong and Kevin Claxton are playing well. Ethan is getting the chance to compete with guys out and Kevin has that natural ability. On the offensive side, Jared Abbrederis has been having a great spring and I think everybody has taken note of how hard he has worked in the offseason.

Badger Nation: Chris Maragos called Kevin Claxton a wild card because he doesn't know how good he can be, but these practices have shown that he can create stuff for you guys as a defense.

Blake Sorensen: Absolutely. He's kind of a hybrid safety-linebacker and that helps a lot. He's been great and he's a guy that can get better everyday, so spring practices have really been beneficial to him and his development. He's shown up and made a lot of plays.

Badger Nation: Maragos also called you the glue man of the defense and that you will be the guy that can do a little bit of everything and that you can hold the defense together when you play. Do you feel that that's going to be your role when you are out there?

Blake Sorensen: Yeah, I think that's a pretty accurate statement when he said that. I can play a lot of positions, I am versatile and I am a guy that people can look up to. I can lead by example and when things need to be said, I am not afraid to say something to things are right.

Badger Nation: After splitting time with Culmer St. Jean at the mike last year, is there a plan going forward to have you two on the field?

Blake Sorensen: Ah …right now I am playing outside because obviously Mike Taylor and Chris Borland are sidelined with injuries. When those guys get back, I don't know what's going to happen. We'll have four guys with starting experience in games last year. We'll see what happens during fall camp. I don't think anybody knows. It will be a battle and competition to get out there.

Badger Nation: You would love to have those guys in your lineup but if you are missing them, it's a good opportunity to look at different guys and trying different things to real move this unit forward?

Blake Sorensen: Yeah, it's definitely a silver lining. We are building depth is what we are doing. It's too bad that can't be here getting better but at the same time, other guys are getting better and that's important for our defense. If guys go down, other people can step up.

Badger Nation: How have you changed since we last saw you in the Champs Sports Bowl? Have you added a lot of weight and what did you spend your time doing during winter conditioning?

Blake Sorensen: I kind of honed down and focused on a few things. I tried to do a lot of hand stuff with hand pads, getting off blocks and try to get a lot stronger in the upper body. I kept the same weight (xxx) and I feel I worked hard in the offseason to put some muscle on which has helped me in these practices.

Badger Nation: Besides the tackles, what is the big thing you are missing without Jae McFadden in your lineup and what do you have to do as a group or individuals to make up for that?

Blake Sorensen: Jae was a guy that one, he was a leader and got a long with everyone. I think we are missing someone that can do a lot of things, which is good that we have guys that can play a lot of positions and we are building some depth. Hopefully we can fill this void.

Badger Nation: How excited are you that this is your last spring ball and you are moving forward into your senior year?

Blake Sorensen: Yeah, I can't wait. It's kind of sad that this is my last spring and it's going by fast but at the same time, there's a lot of things to look forward to this season.

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