Groy Builds His Repertoire

While redshirting can be a hard pill to swallow for some athletes that are used to playing every game in high school, Middleton lineman Ryan Groy came to Wisconsin with the mindset that if he wasn't ready, he was going to sit and improve. After a year building his body and his knowledge, the redshirt freshman is aiming for the future.

Badger Nation: You're obviously missing a couple good guys out there, but this has to be a good time for you to step in and get done what you need to get done, right?

Ryan Groy: Yep, absolutely. It's been good. I got more reps than I did in the fall and I am developing more as a player, which is good. I am getting into the playbook a little bit more, and getting help from the older guys, which always is beneficial.

Badger Nation: It has to help Gabe Carimi and John Moffitt being on the sideline and in your ear giving you feedback. What's it been like for you having them during this first two weeks as a coach?

Ryan Groy: Moffitt has been a huge help. He's played guard and center, so he kind of knows everything on the offensive line. He's been more of my helper at guard and showing me where to go. He can show you those little things that make you better as a player.

Badger Nation: What was last year like for you, being a local kid, playing for the home-state school and redshirting? Was it hard having to sit for a year after playing your whole life?

Ryan Groy: Well, it wasn't too bad. I came here the mindset that I had to do what's best for the team. If I couldn't play, I was going to redshirt. Once I knew what was in front of me and what was going to happen, I knew I wanted to redshirt, so having that mindset ahead of time helped me be OK.

Badger Nation: Talking to players on both sides of the ball, a defensive player says it's a near impossible challenge going against the offensive line everyday and vice versa when you are first starting. What was it like for you?

Ryan Groy: Yep, exactly. Going against Jeff Stehle and Dan Moore last year and this year going against Patrick Butrym, it's been a big help. It's like a game situation. It's like going against the same level player you are going to be facing. It's pretty realistic.

Badger Nation: How has your body changed since you came in?

Ryan Groy: I came in at about 290 at the beginning of the summer. I put on a lot of weight, but it wasn't all good weight. I was about 315 pounds and a little pudgy. I lost some weight in the fall for the season to about 295. I came back for winter conditioning and am up to 305 pounds, but most of it's good weight and not the bad weight like I had before.

Badger Nation: Working with Ben Herbert, is that like anything you have ever experienced before?

Ryan Groy: He can push so many buttons with guys. The way the workouts are, they are grueling and they are tough, but he gets you to the point where you want to work with your buddies and push through. There are no negatives, and you aren't looking down upon it. If the mindset that we are going to get this, we're going to get better as a team and it's going to be fun when you are done because it's like something we've never done before.

Badger Nation: You don't have a lot of clips to watch of yourself so I am curious when you watch film, do you watch clips of Moffitt or you tend to watch practice clips of yourself to gain more knowledge?

Ryan Groy: We watch clips of games and I mostly watch my position, which would be either guard or center. So I'll watch Moffitt, Travis Frederick or Kevin Zeitler. It's those guys in the middle that I am watching for techniques or points for blitzing and different pickups and situations. I learn from all three of them.

Badger Nation: What's the biggest thing you have learned by watching those films?

Ryan Groy: How to react at what is coming at you. Right now, I know the plays, but not into the depth those guys do. They know the plays and any kind of situation the defense throws at you. They can react to anything the defense does and can pick it up.

Badger Nation: Bob Bostad is a hard guy to read or get feedback from, but has he pushed some buttons to get you to a point where you can contribute this year?

Ryan Groy: I think it might be too early to say. He does the same thing to everybody, even those who don't get reps. He's teaching everybody the same way. He's getting everybody to the same techniques and coaching people the same way so that everybody can be as good as they can be.

Badger Nation: What excited you about the offensive line, even if you aren't playing?

Ryan Groy: It's always exciting. I grew up watching the offensive line of Wisconsin. I mean, especially now being on the team and knowing that they are all my friends, it's even more exciting watching them. It's going to be next year, playing or not.

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