Nagy Stays on the Mend

After a moped accident last summer cost Bill Nagy all but three games of the 2009 season, and almost much more, the senior lineman is on the mend, as his foot is getting closer to 100 percent and his exciting for spring practices is just starting to blossom.

Badger Nation: First off, how do you feel physically?

Bill Nagy: I feel great just being back out here and making it through practice. I am not 100 percent by any means, but I just feel great being able to get back out here.

Badger Nation: How challenging was last year for you?

Bill Nagy: It was real tough obviously. It was hard sitting back and watching other guys take reps in place of me. They did a good job so it was good for them, but it did kill me inside just watching.

Badger Nation: Of course, you can take a step back and see that it could have been worse for you too?

Bill Nagy: Oh yeah. That's what helped me get through the whole situation. It definitely could have been a lot worse … a lot worse. I could not be standing here right now if you know what I mean.

Badger Nation: With you sitting out, how do you keep yourself mentally sharp and keep that positive mindset knowing that you have another year to compete?

Bill Nagy: Definitely sitting in the meetings and going through the game plan with the other guys. That kept me mentally sharp and thins like that. I just try to stay positive. My teammates were great and were always there for me. Everybody was helping me out and I feel like I did a good job staying on task.

Badger Nation: You tried to go a couple of times last year, but did your body just not respond the way you wanted it to?

Bill Nagy: Yeah, there were times I felt good and I tried to give it a go again. It just went back to where it was. I wasn't going to force it, especially when there were other guys that could do a better job than I could at 60 percent.

Badger Nation: What impressed you about some of the young guys like Travis Frederick and Kevin Zeitler?

Bill Nagy: Well Travis as a true freshman coming in and starting, that just speaks volumes of him. He's got great character and is a good strong kid. Obviously Zeitler, he had a good season to. He's athletic, strong and did everything pretty well.

Badger Nation: Does that make this spring all that much more competitive because you have four guys fighting for two spots at the guard position?

Bill Nagy: Yeah it does. I think competition brings out the best in everybody. The reality is that not everybody is going to be playing. It is what it is, but if we keep pushing each other, it'll be OK. It is a team game, so whatever is best for the team.

Badger Nation: How important was this winter conditioning for you and how did you change your body for the better to get yourself in position for one of those spots?

Bill Nagy: I was still rehabbing most of the winter to be honest, so I couldn't do a lot of the running and stuff most of the guys were doing. I tried to focus on my upper body strength in the weight room and just improve everyday with Coach Herbert. My foot is still not there, but I definitely feel like I am improving.

Badger Nation: With the continuity and the experience you have on the line, does that excite you for the prospects of the season and how good you guys could be?

Bill Nagy: Everyone is definitely more competitive just because of all the experience everybody brings. I am not going to compare from past years, but we have the potential to be very good. It is still spring ball and we have a long way to go. There are a lot of things to work on that I don't even know where to start. Obviously, just taking everyone one day at a time. Every day, pick a few things to get better at or polish up and by the start of the season, hopefully we'll be where we need to be.

Badger Nation: What are some things you are picking at to get better?

Bill Nagy: I am just trying to get my explosion back off the line. I am trying to get my foot healthy, which is the biggest thing. Mentally I feel like I am there, but just some physical stuff. Still, I have never enjoyed practice as much as I have this spring. It's a weird thing, because I don't look at practices being the most fun thing in the world, but it's been awesome being out there.

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