Voreis Gets His Turn

Even under a big shadow, Conor Voreis worked hard enough during his junior season to get plenty of passes thrown his way. With his team's top receiver heading to the next level, Voreis is excited for the upcoming season, and a chance to raise his own college stock.

MADISON - Stuck behind Josh Russ, Conor Voreis knew that he just had to wait his turn. That's all he could do when he was stuck behind a 6-foot-5, 200-pound pass-catching target at Elyria High in Ohio.

But with his team's top receiver heading to Cincinnati as a defensive line at Cincinnati, it is easy to see why Voreis is anxious for this season.

"It was hard to get playing time," Voreis said, "so this year, I think I am really going to come into my own and put up some good numbers."

Although he hasn't put up the big time numbers yet, Voreis has been getting plenty of recruiting looks, one of the first ones coming from the University of Wisconsin.

"I sent them tape last summer and they started sending me letters in the mail," Voreis told Badger Nation. "I guess they were impressed with my highlights and they can see that I can make plays catching and I did have a couple of nice blocking plays."

Being recruiting my DelVaughn Alexander, the dialogue between the two has been basic emails back and forth talking about Wisconsin, Elyira High and what the Badgers are looking for in their tight ends. While the majority of the contact has been through the Internet, Voreis feels like UW has some genuine interest.

"I've been getting some good feedback from them and was invited to their one-day camp in the summer, which I will be going to," he said. "I am pretty sure they are interested in me."

Voreis, who grabbed 25 catches for 500 yards and four touchdowns in his junior year, got his first taste of Wisconsin during the Badgers' annual spring game.

"I really enjoyed touring the campus and I loved the facilities and coaches," Voreis said. "Watching the spring game was a little surreal, just because I always watch this team play on Saturday afternoon on the fall. It was crazy to think that I was watching them, and it was a great feeling. I liked how they used Lance Kendricks a lot."

Voreis has no offers and no favorites, but does acknowledge that Wisconsin, Northwestern and Akron have stuck out to him early in the recruiting process.

"At this point, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Akron have been recruiting me the hardest, but Indiana, Toledo, Kansas, Yale and Harvard have been recruiting me, as well," he said. "Right now, I am going to four summer camps: Ohio State camp on June 13, Cincinnati the next day, Wisconsin on the 28 and Northwestern on the 29."

Playing primarily Tight end and wide receiver, most schools are recruiting Voreis as a tight end, despite the fact that he rarely plays in a three-point stance and doesn't do much blocking.

To combat that, Voreis is planning on showing every coach just how hard he can work.

"I am not going to let little things bother me and let the coach's critique and coach me," Voreis said. "Whatever they say, I am going to work on it the best I can."

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