Kamisky Talks Wisconsin

Picking Wisconsin on Saturday, Benet Academy center Frank Kaminsky talks about the decision to end his recruitment.

MADISON - Despite being one the fastest rising prospects in Illinois, Frank Kaminsky never forgot which school started him on his uphill climb.

Since earning a scholarship from Wisconsin in early May, Kaminsky subsequently picked up offers from DePaul, Illinois and Northwestern and had planned trips to Indiana and Notre Dame. He canceled those last two trips after visiting UW on June 9 and deciding that the Badgers were going to be the place for him.

Kaminsky does a little bit of everything for Benet Academy. Averaging 12.5 points, 9.3 rebounds and four blocked shots during his junior season, Kaminsky is the typical Bo Ryan player, a ‘big' who likes to battle in the paint for loose balls and can step out to make a three-point jumper.

Kaminsky talks to Badger Nation about his decision.

BN: With other visits scheduled, what made you decide to make the commitment to Wisconsin at this point?

Kaminsky: I just knew that Wisconsin was my favorite. Going up there the second time just reassured me that UW was everything I was looking for, so I didn't see any reason to prolong the process and give some people false hope.

BN: You went with your dad the first time you visited and the second time you visited you came with your mom. When you visited the second time, did you have an inkling that you wanted to pick UW and just wanted your mom to approve?

Kaminsky: Yeah, that's the main reason I took her up there. After the first visit, I told her how much I liked it and she told me that she wanted to see it first. I called Coach Moore to set up a second visit so she could see it and she approved of it. After that, I decided to commit.

BN: After we talked right after you got the UW offer, you were still pretty surprised. How did that relationship develop over the past month with all the coaches?

Kaminsky:We just kept in contact through me calling Coach Moore and emails. He seemed like he really wanted me to be there and I felt like I wanted to be there. When the time came to make my decision, I just knew I was picking the right spot. Everyone in my family likes Coach Moore. He's been open and honest with me since he started recruiting me. He came to an open gym during the last live period. Our relationship keeps growing and I like him a lot.

BN: Wisconsin was your first BCS offer. Since then, your recruitment really took off with all these schools showing you interest. What was the last few weeks like for you and were you comparing those schools to Wisconsin?

Kaminsky:I kind of was in a sense. In another sense, I was just taking it all in to a point. I still knew that Wisconsin was my favorite. The distance factor was huge for me because I wanted my parents to watch. I know they can watch most of the Big Ten, which was one of the main reasons I picked Wisconsin. When all these colleges were calling from like Pittsburgh, Wake Forest and other Big East places far away, I had to really think about the location factor.

BN: It really seems like Wisconsin's offense fits you and your game perfectly. How much do you like Bo Ryan's system and what he requires his post players to do?

Kaminsky: I think it fits really well because I have talked with my AAU Coach (Mike Mullins) and my high school coach (Gene Heidcamp) and they both felt that the swing offense would be a good fit for my game. That's why I think Wisconsin started recruiting me so early because they felt I could succeed in its offense. That was really important for me in choosing a school.

BN: You still have a year of high school left, but have you allowed yourself to be excited with your college decision and what's coming up on the horizon?

Kaminsky: I am very excited and I can't wait to get up there. But, I still have one more year of high school and I have to play through the season. I can't be like, ‘I am going to Wisconsin.' I have to keep working and keep getting better.

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