Koenig Opens Up about Wisconsin Offer

One of the fastest risers during the summer AAU circuit, La Crosse Aquinas guard and Wisconsin Playground Warriors member Bronson Koenig got a huge boost in his recruitment, picking up an offer from Bo Ryan and Wisconsin after the Badgers' elite camp Tuesday.

MADISON - Most kids at Bronson Koenig's age are excited to get their drivers license. After a couple outstanding months on the AAU circuit, there's no question that Koenig is firmly in the drivers seat.

A 6-foot-1 sophomore-to-be guard for La Crosse Aquinas, Koenig impressed Head Coach Bo Ryan and the rest of the Wisconsin staff so much with his versatility, his ability to handle the point and the way he makes plays off the dribble that the Badgers offered the 15 year old a scholarship at the conclusion of UW's elite camp Tuesday.

Badger Nation was one of two publications granted an interview with Koenig, who discussed the offer, the camp and his future.

Badger Nation: Talk about the Wisconsin offer and your excitement level having your first BCS offer?

Koenig: It was totally unexpected. I went to the camp looking forward to learning as much as possible from the coaches. I enjoyed the experience very much. When I received the phone call from (AAU) Coach (Ritchie) Davis to call Coach Ryan at my earliest convenience, I had no clue that he was going to actually offer me a scholarship. I thought maybe they would consider offering me next year at this time. But not now since I didn't think they offered many freshmen. I am very honored and humbled to be the first player in my class to receive a scholarship offer from Coach Ryan.

Badger Nation: What did you and Coach Bo Ryan discuss over the two day elite camp?

Koenig: I didn't get an opportunity to speak with him often. When we did talk, he just told me to continue working hard both in the classroom and on the court. Coach Ryan did speak with Sam Dekker about me for a little while. However, he was busy with many other things and I was participating in drills and games.

Badger Nation: Evaluate your performance at the camp. What were some of your positives and some of your negatives?

Koenig: I thought I managed my team pretty well, making sure to get people involved and set them up for quality shots whenever possible. I shot the ball pretty well for most of the camp, but you always leave thinking you could have done more. I really tried to focus on rebounding the ball from my position while limiting turnovers which is not always easy to do in a camp setting.

I didn't finish as well as I would have liked to at the rim. I missed some layups that I would normally make. I was fortunate enough to be on a good team where other players were able to pick me up.

Badger Nation: What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself during the elite camp?

Koenig: I can hold my own against other quality players, including older guys, from Wisconsin and the surrounding states. Yet, there is still so much more for me to learn in regards to the game so that I continue to improve. All of the college coaches working the camp continued to stress minimizing distractions in your daily life and maintaining a solid focus on those few things that we can control including my work ethic and grades.

Badger Nation: Talk about Sam Dekker and his big weekend. How excited are you for your teammate?

Koenig: I was really excited for Sam. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to play up with our 16U team this season when Coach Davis allows me to do so. Sam has really elevated his game this spring and has earned all of the attention that has come his way. He will continue to work hard and do great things in high school and at Wisconsin.

Badger Nation: What is next for you in your recruitment? Who are you hearing from and how much time do you want to take with your decision?

Koenig: I try not to spend much time thinking about recruiting and schools. Coach Davis handles most of that stuff for me and both he and Coach Schneider seem to talk often about that type of stuff. I've received questionnaires from a lot of schools. My coaches are saying that Louisville and Wisconsin have probably contacted them the most so far.

I am trying hard to be a leader in my workouts this month. My high school team plays in a tournament this weekend in La Crosse and one next weekend in Middleton. We are all very excited to see how we do against some different schools.

In July, I will be with the Playground Warriors for basically the entire month. I'm sure we will have a ton of coaches watching our games so that will be nice for both my teammates and myself. We had such a good spring that we know many teams are going to give us their best shot so we'll have to be mentally tough to overcome those challenges presented to our team.

My parents and coaches (high school and AAU) are going to meet in August to go over some things with me. At that point, I plan on taking some time to reflect on everything that has happened for me since the end of the high school season.

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