Big Ten Notes and Quotes

Notes/Quotes from the postgame press conference following the Badgers' 58-50 loss to Ohio State.


Head Coach Jim O'Brien:

Opening Statement:

"Obviously it was a terrific win. I couldn't be more proud of our guys. We were very good defensively today. It was a character and heart kind of win. It was a gritty, gritty effort from our players and we are thrilled to be moving on."

On his message during the first second half timeout:

"There's no watered down version of what I told them. I got on them pretty good because I thought we came out pretty lethargic in the second half and they needed to know they started playing a little soft. We weren't guarding them well and needed to get focused and play harder defensively."

On if he changed defensive strategy during the timeout:

"We kept changing defenses through the entire game so it just became a matter effort and making it so they couldn't score as easily. If you take the beginning of the game, they were able to score a bunch of threes because we gave them easy looks. We really just needed to get out on them. It was a matter of effort more than anything else."

Brent Darby:

On the approach to the next Big Ten Tournament games:

"Our mindset right now is to just take every game one-by-one. The main thing is just about surviving. We can't afford to look past anyone."

On Wisconsin's fast start to the second half:

"We were playing a man-to-man. Coach does a great job of disguising it so it looks like we're in a zone when we're playing man-to-man. We really didn't do much different in this game, we just played a little more man-to-man and we were able to keep them out of the lane."

Sean Connolly:

On the approach to the next Big Ten Tournament games:

"We just can't look past anyone. We've got either Michigan State or Purdue and they are both great teams. We've just got to go one game at a time and we win that game, then we can look forward to the championship game."

On his improvement from the regular season into the tournament and being more aggressive:

"I've been more aggressive the last couple days than I had been the last few weeks of the season. I've just been in a rhythm the last couple games, shooting the ball and I just hope to keep that going."


Head Coach Bo Ryan:

On Ohio State switching defenses:

"I don't think it had much of an effect on us. We have played against four teams in the conference that did it. We got the ball down low in the first part of the second half because that is what they gave us. After that, they were giving us the jump shot, we just didn't knock them down. If we knock down shots, you would be singing a different tune. It is hard to get things going when you shoot a percentage like that."

On it being a disadvantage to being the No. 1 seed and an advantage to lose early:

"A pessimist would say that it is a disadvantage (to be the top seed). I am not a pessimist so I can't say that. We came in thinking it was the next game. To the second part of the question, an optimist would say ‘yes' it is an advantage to have the time. But once again, I can't say that because I am not an optimist either. We just have to be thankful that we played well in the regular season and will get a chance to play (in the NCAA tournament)."

On Wisconsin looking flat:

"When shots are not going in, it tends to look more like that. Some guys struggled to hit shots, it happens. It is like I always say, if guys are playing good, you hug them and if guys are not playing well, you better hug them too. Hopefully, we can shoot the ball better next game."

Kirk Penney:

On the fate of their NCAA seeding:

"Right now we came here to play Ohio State. We are not thinking about anything yet. We are disappointed in the way we played. We just have to improve from here."

On the amount of threes attempted:

"We definitely wanted to go inside more. That was our plan. It didn't happen, so we came out and took more threes."

Devin Harris:

On the eight-day lay-off:

"It really had no effect on us. We came here ready to play. We were prepared just like any other game. If not, it helped us. It gave us a chance to work on the things that we needed to work on."

On the NCAA Tournament:

"We don't worry about our seed. We wanted to win no matter what. We play the next game no matter who we are playing or what we are playing for. We want to win just as much as anybody. It doesn't matter what were playing for or what we are seeded."

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