Nunez Picks Up Secrets

Picking up his fifth offer Friday, Rakeem Nunez has traveled the country this summer, picking up tips and techniques from some of the nation's best athletes. With Nunez applying those traits to his game, his profile has made him attractive to some of the best schools in the south.

MADISON - Going to a football university camp in Orlando, a trip to Gainesville to camp with the Florida Gators, a combine in Williamsburg, Virginia, and visiting Auburn during the Tigers camp, Rakeem Nunez was physically worn out from all the travel and competition.

It was actually the best experience the 6-foot-4, 285-pound defensive tackle from Central (Ala.) High School could ask for.

"It's been a great experience to go against players bigger than me and some more athletic than me, because it showed me what I need to do to improve my game and pick up some techniques along the way," Nunez told Badger Nation. "There's always room for improving and it opened my eyes a lot."

The big thing for Nunez is learning how to come quicker off the ball, and to get leverage at the point of attack.

"The linemen can't block you if they don't have time to get their hands right," Nunez said. "You have to work and it takes practice to get those details."

Nunez holds scholarship offers from Jacksonville State, Memphis, Southern Miss, Tennessee State and Wisconsin, but the defensive tackle has been getting steady interest from southern powerhouses Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, North Carolina and Texas.

"The coaches (from those schools) have told me that I have either come down to a game or visit or see me play a couple guys," Nunez said. "I know that I am going to get a couple more offers because I am going to graduate early and want to get to campus."

While Nunez is leaning towards playing n the south, the interest is still there from Running Back Coach John Settle and the Badgers. Being Nunez only current BCS offer and his first offer, Nunez is hoping to plan on an official visit.

"They are third on my top five list, behind Florida and Texas and ahead of Auburn and Alabama," Nunez said, "so I really want to go see them. I wanted to go before my school year starts, but I am going to try to go sometime soon."

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