Notes: Oglesby Answered the Challenge

After getting called out by Head Coach Bret Bielema in the spring, junior right tackle Josh Oglesby got his head coach's attention once again, albeit for a far different reason.

MADISON - When Bret Bielema stepped to the podium after the UW spring game, his words were cunning and carefully thought out. When a question was directed at Bielema about his offensive line, Bielema's words indirectly made its way to junior right tackle Josh Oglesby, calling the fourth-year junior nowhere near where he needs to be to be a tackle in the Big Ten conference.

Whether he meant to light a fuse under Oglesby is irrelevant, because that's exactly what the fifth-year coach did to one of his prized recruits.

"Josh probably had the best camp ever," Bielema said Friday. "From last winter to where we are today we kind of outlined the things he needed to specifically do to get better. I really think he's concentrated on that."

Part of has come from the development of third-year sophomore Ricky Wagner, who had developed nicely since coming to campus as a tight end. That competition at the tackle has seemingly push Oglesby to start achiving the high marks placed on him from when he first came to camp.

"I think that always helps the situation, but Josh has got a lot of talent," Bielema said. "He's very athletic. He's a great kid that wants to please people. Hopefully that will come together this fall.

"In the spring we really challenged him and the summer we were on him hard on him. The fall camp, we've really tried to be hard on him. Hopefully some of those things about finishing plays and playing with the details of playing tackle with come through."

White Given A Chance

Although Bielema has given up his special teams duties, the head coach maintained he would still be involved in personnel decisions. Although senior David Gilreath has done some good things in the kicking and punting game as the team's No.1 returner for the last three years, Bielema is going to give freshman running back James White a shot in the road opener in that role in hopes of sparking the unit.

"David has done a lot of good things, but James has shown some things in both of those situations that I think merit an opportunity for him," Bielema said. "I think James is going to probably get in offensively before he gets in that situation (as a returner). He's definitely shown us the ability and he really doesn't get fazed by many things."

On kickoffs, Gilreath averaged only 23.7 yards per return last season. On punts, he could only manage 5.6 yards. Take away that 68-yard touchdown return and Gilreath only managed 1.97 yards per return on his punts, numbers that likely led to the switch.

From the Infirmary

Kevin Zeitler (ankle) practiced Wednesday and Thursday, but would be given Friday off, while linebackers Culmer St. Jean (sprained ankle) and linebacker Mike Taylor (ACL) were expected back for either Friday's evening or Sunday's practice.

Taylor hasn't done anything football related since his August 17th knee surgery, but the sophomore has begun doing light running and some cutting, accelerating and decelerating motion to get his body back into playing shape.

"Sunday we're hoping to do about a 12-14 period spiders with movement and speed of the game," Bielema said. "We're just getting guys used to seeing full speed action. If he's able to go in that it would be a huge benefit. Not a lot of contact, just some perimeter stuff."

Extra Points: Bielema believes his defensive staff, even with new coaches Chris Ash and Greg Jackson, might be on same page more than ever … Bielema expects White, tight end Sherard Cadogan, wide receiver Manasseh Garner and defense tackle Beau Allen to be the freshmen to contribute right away. Bielema previously said linebacker Josh Harrison and cornerback Jameson Wright were possibilities … Bielema plans to limit all starters to only two special teams unit.

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