DBs at a Glance: Safeties

It is, as all our loyal readers (all 13 of them) know by now, DB week here at CowboyBlitz.com, and we've put off talking about the safeties long enough.

Knowing the kind of emotional strain a true fan can suffer after reminiscing about past UW greats and then realizing those legends won't be returning for the current season, we'll try to keep the number of melancholy references we make to NFL rookie John Wendling to a minimum over the next couple days.

The truth is, though, we knew this moment would eventually come, and that's why we decided to cover the secondary in week 1 of our 2-month series. Sometimes, as fans, we don't fully realize that our favorite player is gone until we look out from the stands during the season opener only to see his number…(cue: play sad music)…on the sidelines. It just doesn't seem right not to be focusing on No. 23 every time the defense takes the field. At the same time, as students of the game, how much can we learn by watching some red-shirt freshman spill Gatorade on Wendling's old mesh? It makes us sad.

That's why we know we've got to try to break this to you all gently and slowly. It's also why it's taken us the entire week to approach the subject…that and the fact that we both have two jobs and a limited amount of time to catch up on all the Tivo-ed episodes of "Cash Cab" and "SportsCenter" we missed while we were writing about Julius Stinson and Michael Medina.

But honestly, the real point of all this jibberish is to let you know that you'll have to wait one more day to get free safety Quincy Roger's feature.

Whether that matters to you or not, one thing is for sure: When Virginia comes calling on September 1, we'll have to learn how to make it through an entire game without our favorite high-jumping, bone-jarring, quarterback-sacking, fumble-forcing safety. And so will the secondary.

With that in mind, we hope the next two days' analyses shed a glimmer of hope on the possibility that our DBs could not only survive without their all-star defensive leader, but perhaps even excel. And if they don't, we hope you at least enjoy reading them.

You've already received a heaping helping of cornerback tidbits this week, and hopefully you have a solid understanding of what to expect from the squad's two returning starters. Tomorrow we'll introduce you to Rogers, and the day after, we'll tackle Wendling's replacement, Michael Ray. We're not very big, so it shouldn't hurt him.

So log on for more mesmerizing features filled with projections, predictions, opinions and analysis as we monitor the progress of your favorite defensive unit in football.

P.S. Also, don't forget to stop by later in the weekend for updates on two of Wyoming's top recruits, DL Curtis Cunningham and MLB Jayme Comer.

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