Recruiting Update: Jayme Comer

A little more than two months ago, three-star middle linebacker and two-time all-state selection Jayme Comer did not have an offer from a single university. Then he attended the combine in Chicago in mid-May and everything changed.

Thanks to an intense off-season training regimen, Comer displayed an impressive combination of speed and strength that garnered him top linebacker honors at the camp. Almost immediately he received an offer from Army, which was followed up by three offers from Wyoming, Illinois State and Air Force.

We got a hold of Comer last week to ask him about those offers, his productive summer and what his plans for the future might entail.

A month ago, you were waiting for scholarship offers from a few Big 10 schools (Indiana, Purdue and Northwestern). Did those offers come through for you?

"No, not yet."

So as of now, which schools do you have offers from?

"Wyoming, Illinois State, Air Force and Army."

How did you feel about possibly becoming a Cowboy? Are you still considering Wyoming?

"It's a possibility right now. I'm still trying to weigh my options and trying to get to know a little bit more about each school."

Are you leaning toward one school or another the most right now?

"No not really. It's still pretty wide open."

Which school has shown the most interest in you?

"They've pretty much all been the same really. I mean, I've talked to them all a lot and gotten to know them pretty well."

Talk about some of the reasons why you were able to excel so much at the combine in Chicago.

"I think I've put in a lot of time since the off-season ended and done a lot of things in the weight room and training that I've never done before. That really helped me get ready for all the combines I went to."

What new things have you done?

"Normally we have a weight-lifting class that lifts during the last period of the day, and so for about four or five months I'd lift during (that time), and then I'd come back about 6:00 at night and work with our strength coach. We'd do the Strongest Man stuff that they have on ESPN. We'd do that kind of stuff for hours. Then we started doing a speed school in the morning twice a week at 6:00 a.m. before school, and that really helped me out a lot, too."

You've put up some pretty good numbers in your first two years as a varsity starter, including all-state honors the last two seasons. Why do you think schools hadn't shown more interest in you before the combine?

"I'm not really sure why. I guess I just had to go out and prove it, and I think I did."

When do you plan on officially making a decision about your future school?

"I haven't really decided. I'm still trying to figure things out. At first, I thought I might do it (make a decision) before (the season started), but now I'm thinking I'll wait until the end of my year. Once the season's over, I can sit down and focus on it."

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